20 Weeks//22Weeks//Baby #3

Somehow I am already halfway through this pregnancy.  Hard to believe as I still feel like we just found out this little baby was on the way.  But it has been 3 months since I randomly took the test that confirmed the reason for my symptoms.  Haha.

What Fruit are you // a carrot // spaghetti squash
Due date // April 12th
How far along // 20 weeks // 22 weeks
Next appointment // end of the month
Gender // it's another girl!
Total weight gain/loss // I'm actually not sure.  I hadn't been monitoring the scale when I got pregnant.  Officially according to the doctor I am up like 13 pounds.  It feels like way more.
Swelling // none.
Maternity clothes // all the way when I am trying to look like my life is sort of put together.  I needed maternity pants super early and I'm already finding a lot of my regular shirts just are't long enough.
Belly button // in
Sleep // all the time.  I wake up with sore hips.  But I have no problem falling and staying asleep. // could always use more.  Still enjoying the occasional afternoon nap while Brooke sleeps and Grace watches a cartoon cuddled up next to me.  But never feel fully rested.
Food cravings // none really.
Symptoms // just always tired and always out of breath.  Haha.  I've also had some weird other dealings with this baby... some bleeding early, rapid heartbeat a handful of times and I'm already on medicine for insulin resistance that I am experiencing with my fasting numbers.  I've been testing my sugars since about 15 weeks.  Which I loathe... but I had gestational diabetes with my first two pregnancies, so... I know the drill at this point. // had to cut back on the meds because I was waking up with crashed sugars making me have the shakes, being extra sweaty and miserable until things stabilized again after eating.  It seems to be back to normal now that I am taking a half dose of what I had before.
Movement // when I lay on my side or sit down for any amount of time.  Rob can't feel her yet as she is SUPER low still. // we have feeling on the outside.  She is CONSTANTLY moving it seems.  She's super low in my pelvis and so it is a way different feeling with this one than with my other girls and those pregnancies.
Labor signs // none.
What I miss // beer, not feeling like a whale and my independence to carry heavy things when I need them moved. // my range of motion.
What I'm loving // after a loooooong day of wrangling kids and managing the house, sitting down at night to relax for a moment and feeling this sweet girl move around.  I'm soaking up every moment knowing this is for sure our last pregnancy. // the cute new maternity shirts I've purchased on sale lately.  Sold off all my maternity wardrobe after I had Brooke... so starting from scratch with this one.
What I'm looking forward to // Christmas!  I just can't wait to see the joy on the girls faces and seeing family and just all of it. // the next few weeks of Christmas activities.
Best moment this week // the weather being gorgeous and seeing this little lady during the growth scan last week. // seeing Santa with my big girls.

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