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Christmas is over and we just welcomed 2018.  Let's let that settle for a moment.  It really does appear life and time fly so much faster when you have kids.

We had three Christmas celebrations this year making for a BUSY weekend and a tired mama.

#1 was in Missouri with my in-laws.  It was a quick trip down.  We were supposed to stay for 2 nights but after some unexpected snow (or maybe it was expected and I just failed at checking the weather?) popped up back home... we stayed for one night and left late the second night.  It surprise snowed (are you sensing a trend?) an inch or two on us that first night.  Which made celebrating Christmas extra special with snow on the ground.  After brunch, the girls were set loose on their presents.  They all completely spoiled our girls but nailed it on every single gift.  Barbies, horses, baby dolls, 4 foot tall princesses and more. The afternoon was spent playing with cousins and we wrapped up with dinner at Lambert's (when in Springfield, MO you HAVE to make a stop, right?) with all 6 of Rob's siblings and the rest of the grandkids.  It has been two years since all 7 siblings and grandkids were together at the same time.  And we completely forgot to document it.  While it was a short, quick visit... it was a lot of fun for all of us!

#2 was the next night at my parents house.  After arriving home SUPER early Christmas Eve morning, we woke up to (expected, and why we had to cut our trip short) snow a few hours later.  We headed to my parents that afternoon and my dad and sister were roped into helping Grace build a gingerbread house.  They are gluttons for punishment.  After an amazing dinner cooked by mama, we opened presents.  And by we I clearly mean Grace and Brooke opened everyone's presents.  Christmas with kids y'all.  After everything was opened and oohed and aahhed over, we cleaned up the paper and baked some cookies for the man in red.  He's a very deserving human being.

#3 was at our house Christmas morning.  Our morning started early at a 9 am Christmas Day mass with my parents and sister.  The kids were finally set loose on the rest of their Christmas presents when we arrived home.  The big hit of the day was the dollhouse Rob spent 2 hours putting together for his girls.  Santa delivered the pool our oldest requested (we still have no idea where this request came from...) and our house was easily destroyed in a total of 15 minutes.  Rob's uncle drove out for a Christmas lunch cooked by my husband.  After eating we watched a "Christmas movie".. that was more like a serious drama movie that was set during Christmas.  Our company cleared out after the movie and football was turned on for an evening of relaxing while the kids enjoyed all that the holidays bring with it.

Now we are just LOVING the single digit temps (not!) and all of the new toys I somehow fit into the already full playroom.  Diesel came home this weekend from his 4 month gun dog training (for hunting with my husband!) and it has definitely felt like the cherry on top of the holiday weekend.

From my family to yours... happy new year!  May 2018 be a blessing to you and yours.

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with family! :)