25 Weeks//Baby #3

26 weeks.

What Fruit are you // rutabaga
Due date // April 12th
How far along // 25 weeks
Next appointment // 28 weeks--mid January
Gender // it's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss // too much.  The holidays are SO tempting.
Swelling // had some minor ankle, foot swelling start when I am on my feet for awhile.  Bought a new pair of moccasins from Tarjay to offset my flats no longer fitting.  Pregnancy is fun.
Maternity clothes // all the way.  Jeans, leggings, shirts... maternity or it isn't quite long enough.
Belly button // in
Sleep // can't complain.  Wish I could breathe a bit easier... but I caught something over the holidays and I can't move air through my nose, which makes me a loud sleeper that my husband is absolutely LOVING.
Food cravings // cesar salads and chocolate.
Symptoms // non pregnancy related but the aforementioned cold is kicking my butt.  Other than that I  am starting to see a shift in my gestational diabetes numbers.  Certain foods are elevating my sugars just enough more that I am watching what I eat throughout the day.
Movement // all. the. time.  I'm worried she may never sleep once she makes her grand appearance.  She's getting stronger this week and it is definitely noticeable.
Labor signs // none.
What I miss // not feeling so large and in charge.  This time around I gained weight faster and started showing faster and I just feel huge... it hasn't been a fun feeling.
What I'm loving // when my sweet girls talk about the baby in mama's belly and how they can't wait to meet her.  Brooke is obsessed with everything baby and Grace is much more aware this time around that there is another baby coming.
What I'm looking forward to // Grace's 4th birthday at the end of this month!
Best moment this week // Christmas.  It was so special.  We caught ourselves more than a few time pointing out that next year we will have a baby in the chaos with us.  Such a sweet feeling to know our little family will be complete.

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