Slice of Life - February 2018

Trying something new over here on Somewhere Over the Camo... one of my favorite big time bloggers to follow, Whimsical September (currently stationed in Kansas!), posts a Slice of Life post every couple of weeks and they are my absolute favorite posts to read.  Since we have a lot going on, but I'm not really regularly blogging about anything other than baby #3 and the occasional other holiday wrap up post... I figured, why not?

So here goes... a slice of our life.

I just finished signing Grace up for her SECOND year of preschool.  How is this possible?  I know, I know... I just keep going on about how I can't believe she is 4.  I'm not sure that feeling ever goes away?  She's my baby after all.  She will go from a 2-day program to a 3-day program starting in the fall.  And then the year after that I will have a kindergartener and Brooklyn will start preschool.  How?!

A sweet pre-nap hug.

Since we are about to go from 2 to 3 children, we had to make the jump from a SUV to a van.  I was totally that person (and still kind of am) that said I would NEVER be a van mom.  I was adamant.  But with 3 children and a large 70 pound dog, a 3rd row SUV was absolutely not going to cut it as you sacrifice almost all storage for that third row.  So earlier this week we became a van family.  We went with a Chrysler Pacifica electric hybrid and it is super nice!  Most days I can run almost all my errands on electric before I hit the 35 mile max and it converts back to gas.  I'm totally a fan of the electric aspect and really look forward to seeing what the future holds for the EV world.

Speaking of about to add more children to the household... three cheers for scoring mad deals on baby things.  After I gave birth to Brooklyn I sold off our swing, rock 'n play and just about all the other baby items we had, including 0-3 month clothing (hadn't gotten around to listing the other sizes THANKFULLY)... we were done as far as I was concerned.  So I had to get the basics again to make it through babyhood.  Found this swing for $50 on Walmart clearance.  Regular price is $150!  And yesterday I found a $75 rock 'n play at Marshalls for $40. Just have to decide on and buy her carseat and she can come.  Never mind that we haven't even started on her nursery.  Haha.

Second child.  The ornery one.  That sometimes makes me wish we really were done.

Anyone else been hitting up the clearance racks lately?  Target and Old Navy had some killer deals.  I scooped up some regular sized shirts that I hope to someday fit in again.  I always know when I am nearing the end when I start thinking about bouncing back after delivery.  I'm praying with three kids and breastfeeding, I can make it happen this time too.

Date night selfie in 1 of like 5 shirts that actually fits right now.

The other day Grace was working on tracing some letters in a new alphabet book, naturally I started singing the alphabet to her.  Because mom life.  A couple of minutes later I heard her singing it.  She got to G before she stopped.  I'm guessing they have been practicing in preschool... but I had NO idea this was on the radar yet.  She is constantly surprising me with what she is learning, especially with her language still being a bit delayed.

Rob has officially been separated from the Army for a little over a year now.  Some days it feels like an absolute lifetime ago that we were living hours away from family and friends, having our life dictated by the needs of the government.  Every once in awhile I get a little bit sad missing that life though.  Especially when my friends that are still in the military world post about promotions and new PCS locations.  The military life is such a self contained world and the people in in are like no other.  I'm thankful to have experienced it and still get a kick out of the reactions from new local friends when they find out Rob served 9 years in the Army and we lived in Maryland, Georgia and Tennessee before moving back to Kansas.  I guess we don't seem old enough to have all that under our belt already.

She insisted Daddy sit with her at her own table at dinner a few weeks ago.

And now I am off to try and squeeze in at least a catnap while Brooke naps... this overcast, cold Kansas weather has me not feeling it whatsoever.  I'm ready for spring!

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  1. It's so interesting to hear your thoughts about post-military life. My husband is about to be deployed and some days I can't wait for him to retire (6 years to go!). But then we were talking about where we might go next and it's pretty exciting at times too!