30 Weeks//Baby #3

31 weeks.
Photo cred goes to the husband. 😘

What Fruit are you // a large cabbage
Due date // April 12th.
How far along // 30 weeks.
Next appointment // next week..
Gender // it's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss // the first pregnancy I am not actively keeping track of this number... special thanks to my doctors office for the kg weight readings instead of lb.  You the real MVP.
Swelling // none.
Maternity clothes // when I leave the house.  Still have a few non-maternity shirts that fit.  But I'm all about sweats and t-shirts at home.
Belly button // in but stretched flat almost.
Sleep // eh.  I'm large.  My bed with a bed hog husband and a 4 year old in it... does not make for the most space for mama... otherwise I guess it's okay.
Food cravings // sweets and salads.
Symptoms // moody and emotional for no real particular reason.  Trying to keep up with everything and sometimes that in and of itself can be a giant pain.
Movement // all the time.  Last night I took a minute long video of my belly because she was moving up a storm.  My husband calls her an alien as it freaks him out.. even with it being the third pregnancy.
Labor signs // none.
What I miss // being able to lift things and keep up with my children easily without feeling tired about 5 minutes into it.  What will my life be like with three?!
What I'm loving // that we are nearing the end of this adventure.  Still not a pregnancy person.  I feel blessed I get to experience this, three times now, but that doesn't mean I necessarily enjoy it.  The end result is always worth it but getting there is not my favorite.
What I'm looking forward to // the snow to melt and warm temperatures to return.  Also Valentines is next week and I think this year will be another fun one with my girls!
Best moment this week // the Eagles winning the Super Bowl!  It is good sometimes to see a really great team get knocked down a notch or two.  Call me selfish.  Hahahah.

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  1. I can't believe you're already 30 weeks!!! She will be here before you know it. :)

  2. First - Go Eagles!!! Second - that picture of you needs to be framed in the nursery! I can't believe she will be here in just a little bit...super exciting! How are you guys adjusting to post-Army life? It looks like you are doing a pretty good job! :)

  3. You're glowing!! Hope you get some good sleep before she arrives!