32 Weeks//34 Weeks//Baby #3

33 weeks.

What Fruit are you // a jicama // a cantaloupe
Due date // April 12th
How far along // 32 weeks, 6 days // 34 weeks
Next appointment // I have a biophysical profile on Thursday, my birthday! // today (I go in weekly for a biophysical profile and biweekly to meet with my OBGYN right now)
Gender // it's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss // made the mistake last night of looking at my clinical notes online which converts from kg to lb. I'm up like 27 from the recorded weight at my first doctors appointment. // not looking for the rest of my pregnancy.
Swelling // in my feet after a long weekend of being busy. // Rob has taken to calling me sausage toes.  I swell up after busy weekends but typically do okay during the week.
Maternity clothes // when I leave the house.  Still have a very small handful of shirts that are long enough... but definitely try and stick to the ones designed to cover this belly. // when I leave the house it's a given.
Belly button // flat ish.
Sleep // not so hot.  I am having issues with circulation still and my hips basically ALWAYS hurt.  Plus I'm up at least once, sometimes twice going to the bathroom. // terrible.  The hip pain is INSANE.  I toss and turn all night long which is a real chore considering I have to wake myself up to flip over... I'm over it.
Food cravings // ice cream. // sweets.
Symptoms // heartburn, thanks to the hair this child very much has.  Some pain down low that has initiated the waddle.  Always tired and almost always out of breath. // extra tired.  Heartburn still.
Movement // all the time.  It's loads of fun.  She also has a foot up high in my right rib area that hurts if I sit up right for too long. // I'm worried she will never sleep.
Labor signs // none.
What I miss // energy.  I'm back to feeling tired all of the time as we near the finish line and it makes getting just about anything done a challenge. // everything about not being pregnant.  Regular clothing.  Being able to bend.  Picking up my babies without feeling like I might die.  Having motivation and energy to do anything but sleep.
What I'm loving // the theme for this little ladies bedroom.  Teal and hot pink with a floral theme.  We've been checking stuff off of our pre-baby to do list and her bedroom is the next big hurdle to cross.  Better late than never, right? // that we are into the month of March now.  We have a really busy month ahead of us and then it is BABY month!
What I'm looking forward to // my birthday, Rob's birthday and hopefully taking some maternity pictures the next time the weather is nice. // my baby shower next weekend.  My mom and sister are throwing me a baby shower because I have never had a physical baby shower.  When I was pregnant with Grace we lived in Georgia and did a virtual baby shower where our friends and family showered us with gifts off of our registry, the return was pictures.  When I was pregnant with Brooke we lived in Tennessee and so I have never gotten to have an actual baby shower.  Being back in Kansas, they are throwing me a diaper shower and I am REALLY excited to celebrate my last pregnancy with people that mean so very much to me.
Best moment this week // the husband being off for Presidents Day and then today it iced so he is working from home and my kids are just happy as a stinking clam! // the beautiful weather and having an awesome parent teacher conference with Grace's preschool teachers.

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  1. I can't believe that she will be here so soon! I feel like you just found out that you were pregnant.

  2. Sorry you're not sleeping great. That is never fun. :( But yay for being 32 weeks! :)

  3. Your due date is SO soon!! Hooray! I love that you have similar updates for your other two kids too. What an amazing scrapbook you'll be able to give them one day!