A birthday love note

I am about to get a little sappy for a moment in order to wish one of my favorite human beings a very happy birthday...

Dear Rob,

Another year, celebrating another birthday.  "Middle age" as you have lovingly spent the last 3 days calling it... I'd like to think we are still just starting on the birthday celebrations.  Lots of life left to live.

I don't know if I thank you enough for all that you have done for the girls and I.  You work tirelessly to be the best version of yourself and I have said it a thousand times, I am VERY proud to be your wife.  There is nobody else that I would rather support in life, than you.

This next year will be just like all the others in that we will spend it together as a family.  We will make pros and cons lists for every life decision.  We will argue over the comforter and who has too much every night.  We will reiterate the phrase "whatever you decide to do, I have your back".  We will watch our three sweet girls grow a little more each day into the human beings they are destined to become.  We will share life goals, dreams and moments TOGETHER.

You've been my person for almost a decade now.  I'm forever thankful for you.

Happy birthday baby!
May your year be just what you hope for.

Love always.

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