Emily | One Month

Y'all, it has already been a month (and a few days) since we welcomed Emily into the world.  While I don't feel like it necessarily flew by, it is definitely going much quicker than I want it to.  I find myself soaking up the newborn cuddles and watching her discover the world more than I ever did with her sisters.  This is the last time we will experience this... and I want to remember all of it for years to come.

Emily at one month...

.You are 8 pounds, 13 ounces (38th percentile) and 21 inches tall (44th percentile).  You gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks on breast milk alone.

.You are wearing newborn size clothing still... but are starting to outgrow them length wise.  It has been so fun wearing the outfits your sisters didn't get to wear because it was too hot in Georgia and Tennessee or they were too chunky to wear them any amount of time.

.You are wearing size 1 diapers. We just used up the last of the newborn diapers.  But actually had to go buy 2 boxes on top of the ones we got at the diaper shower.  Also a first for us since your sisters didn't stay in newborn sized diapers for too long.

.You currently have a stuffy, congested nose that is LOADS of fun when you first wake up.  It doesn't seem to be bothering you too much.  You still nurse like a champ, but you hate the nose sucker ball.

.You have about a half second wake up time before you are demanding milk.  There is no slow leisurely wake up.

.You are still fairly sleepy but are spending more time awake and taking in the world.  Which we all love.

.You have handed out a few smiles, but not a whole lot as of yet.

.You are constantly trying to suck on stuff when you are awake, but aren't sure yet if the binky is the chosen item.

.You are still keeping us guessing on your hair color, but we are fairly certain you'll be a redhead or it will have a strawberry tint to it.

.You are fair skinned and mama thinks you look a lot like her.  Mom win.

.You have a belly button hernia.  Also a new thing we haven't yet experienced.  The doctors believe it will heal on its own over the next year without the need for surgery.

.You have dark blue/gray eyes.  Leaving us guessing on what color those will end up as well.

.You love to cuddle to sleep and your witching hour means you want to be held and nothing else.

.You sleep in 3-5 hour stretches at night, I can't really complain.

.You are not a huge fan of your carseat... but manage to mostly sleep while in it.

.You are a little furnace, just like Brooklyn.  You are almost always warm to the touch but especially when you are in daddy's arms.  Which mommy just laughs at since you couldn't maintain your body temperature in the hospital.

.You are still fawned over by everyone but especially your big sisters.  We call them the hovercrafts because if you are awake, they are right there next to you making sure you know you are loved.

You are so very sweet, and absolutely complete our family.  We needed an Emily.  I am so excited to see what the next month is going to bring us in regards to your growth and changes.  Mommy loves you sweet girl.

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  1. Awww - she's a cutie. How is she a month already?!?

  2. I'm super behind, but a month old? Where does the time go?