The Manual of Motherhood

After another late night of moving my 4 year old and my 2 year old back to their bed. I’m tired. With three kids... sleep can either be really great or absolutely terrible. And by that I mean they like to alternate who is awake, all night long. As I crawl into my bed for a few hours of cuddling up next to my husband, kid free... I try and remind myself that someday I will miss this. Someday they will be too cool to crawl into bed and cuddle. Too big to need the reassurance that mommy and daddy are right there, within touching distance.  Something my mom is always reminding me to remember... it goes too fast.

It’s the end of a long day where texts were fired off to my mom asking when my kids will actually listen to me when I tell them not to do something. Only for them to ignore me and have my predictions come true.  Today it was repeatedly telling my middle child that jumping with the toothbrush in her mouth was not a good idea. Sure enough... it hurts when the toothbrush is jammed against the roof of your mouth when you fall. I stop short of saying “I told you so” but remind, yet again, that I really do have their best intentions in mind.

(For the record my moms answer was “24 or so”. Reassuring like the time someone told me my black lab will never outgrow the puppy stage and even though I’m 2 years into it, I’ve still got 8 or more to go...)

These days I’m constantly texting my mother for reassurance about momhood. She’s been there. She’s done that. And a large chunk of her mothering career was done without the guidance of her own mother who died when I was just 2 years old. I can’t for the life of me imagine that. So I treasure the ability to send those whiney text messages off. She tells me I’m doing a good job and builds me up for another day of this motherhood game. Answers the questions and provides the insight that one can only have from 28 plus years of motherhood. Everything I know, I’ve learned from her.

I’m still celebrating my mom, four days later. It’s no longer Mother’s Day. But dang it that woman deserves all the glory and all the credit for all that she does and has done for us.

Which is why I am extra thankful that this last weekend we were able to spend Mother's Day celebrating mom with a late lunch and some shopping.  Watching my kids run to Grandma, will never get old.  All those years spent in other states far away from my mom, helped make the coming home so much sweeter and the holidays spent together even better.

So MOM, here's to you.  For being my manual to life and motherhood.  I am very grateful for your guidance, reassurance and love.  Always.

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