A Touch of Faith - Emily's Baptism

The first weekend in May was another special weekend for our family.

Because the first part of the year isn't busy enough with all 5 of us celebrating birthdays, the dog's birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter, and our anniversary, all right after the holidays...

I digress.

We gathered with our family and friends to baptize Emily into the Catholic faith.  We did it at my parents church, the same church my other 2 girls were also baptized.  She wore the same dress her sisters wore, just a tad bit bigger on her tiny frame.  She fussed a good chunk of the ceremony, unlike her sisters who were peaceful.  But got it done... she is baptized.

While we were missing both sets of Emily's Godparents because of distance, some aunts and uncles, and some very good friends - we had a really good group come out to celebrate with us.  After the ceremony we all went out to take over the party room at a local restaurant.  Our server went to my high school and took great care of us.  The baby was passed around, cake was served and gifts were opened.  It was a wonderful afternoon, surrounded by so many that are dear to us.

Emily is lucky in that she has two great sets of Godparents.  My cousin and her husband on one side that will always teach her to walk with confidence and never let anyone tell her she isn't good enough or can not do something.  My college best friend and her husband on the other side that will always remind her that she is a child of God and if she trusts in our Lord, she will always find a way.  I could not imagine better people to lead my sweet girl through her faith, and life in general.

May the Lord always bless you and keep you safe, Emily girl.

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