Slice of Life - June 2018

Our June has been jam-packed, unseasonably stupid hot, and a bit whiney at times... somehow we are almost to July though.  I am hoping maybe there will be a few more mornings to sleep in (ha ha, right? I have 3 kids.) and the air conditioner will not have to run 24/7 just to try and keep the house from going up in flames.  Goals.  Here is some of what we have been up to this last month.

If you are friends with me on Facebook or Instagram, or you know... real life.  You probably know that I kicked off June with surgery.  After much deliberation and an overwhelming feeling of wholeness, we decided to permanently end the baby making chapter in our life.  I had a salpingectomy - and my fallopian tubes were removed.  I am relieved but also a wee bit sad.  I know 150% that we are done and our three girls are what we are meant to have... but to never be pregnant again (even though I hate it...) and to know I am experiencing this baby phase just one last time... makes me feel so many different emotions.  Mothering is without a doubt my proudest accomplishment in life.

This month has brought so many emotions, some of which I am still attributing to the postpartum healing process. A large chunk of sad emotions hit when I got word that a friend from high school passed away unexpectedly in a car accident on an early June morning.  Ryan was a larger than life personality whose smile will never be erased from my memory.  I was fortunate enough to share a seminar class with him my senior year.  He was just a freshman, but the sweetest, kindest kid that could lift you out of the darkest of moods.

I was able to attend some services for Ryan with a fellow senior from that very same seminar class.  Ashley and I haven't seen each other or hung out in years.  But it felt right to say goodbye, grab a bite to eat and dedicate a beer to our friend... celebrating his life, together.  

"Sometimes people come into your life for a moment, a day, or even a lifetime.  It matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life in that time." - Unknown

Incase I haven't bragged lately about my minivan mom life.  This is my current miles per gallon calculation.  I am still loving the partially electric, hybrid minivan life.  I mean I pretty much only visit the gas station to clean the five bajillion bugs off my windshield.

So. Much. Yes.  These beautiful babies know how to drive me absolutely insane and if I make it to the start of the next school year... it will be nothing short of a miracle.  Please tell me someone else is in the same stinking boat?!

My husband is someone I am so very proud of.  He is passionate about many things in life, to include his family, his dog, golfing and duck hunting.  The last two alternate seasons... and when it is the off season for duck hunting... all his energy shifts to raising money for his passions.  After months of hard work on the Ducks Unlimited - Jayhawk Chapter committee... all their efforts paid off in the form of their yearly banquet.  My parents came out to help me with my greenwings (aka the girls) and a good night was had raising money, eating and drinking a little bit.  

More shameless bragging... I am so proud to be his wife.  He works his butt off so I can stay home and raise our kids.  He is in school for his second masters degree (lifelong student... I tell ya!).  He cares about his family, his yard (and how green it is), his country and the future.  And dang if he doesn't look good doing it.

Last night was ROUGH.  Unexpectedly (right before the new season of Big Brother was set to air) we lost power just before 7... and it took them FOREVER to identify and then fix the problem.  Bedtime came around and I attempted to get kids to sleep in my room (Brooklyn's room is the warmest room in our house on any given night... so naturally it was 10 times as bad with no power..)... it wasn't happening.  Our upstairs level was just too hot.  So we moved down to the living room.  Still cool enough to sleep, but Brooke is our only kid that falls asleep best in her crib, in her room.  Anywhere else it is going to take a SUPER long time.  Somehow everyone finally crashes out in the living room with a 12:30 ETA for the power coming back on.  12:30 comes and goes.  Just before 1 the power comes back on.  I wake Rob, who moves upstairs to our room.  I run around trying to get my nightly chores done and the house picked up... giving the upstairs a few minutes to cool off and get air circulating.  About 1:15, the power goes out again.  It stayed off until almost 6 am.  I ended up sleeping in the living room, sharing a couch with Grace.  Nobody overheated but it definitely made for a lonnnnng night around these parts.  Now I feel behind in life and grouchy as can be... but the weekend is almost here y'all! Praise the good Lord!

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