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My body is in that post baby gray area.  About half of my wardrobe comfortably fits, right now.  So to cheer myself up I have found myself adding some items here and there as I come across them.  I am mostly a Target clearance section girl... but I also like to browse places like Kohl's, Old Navy and Ross every now and again.  You see the trend... I don't want to pay a fortune for my clothing.  I am cheap, if you will.

I love new things though... especially adding new pieces to my closet to keep things fresh in there.  So after some of my favorite bloggers have raved about Stitch Fix and the boxes they receive... I made the leap and last week I got my first box in.

Let me backtrack just a second... what is Stitch Fix?  It is a subscription box where you fill out a style profile and pay a small styling fee... they send you 5 personally selected items for you to try on.  If you buy something from your box, your styling fee is applied towards it.  If you buy your entire box, you get a discount.  If you don't like any of your box, you send it back and try again next month (or two months, or whenever... you pick!).

Each month you can leave notes for your stylists about what you are looking for, or special events coming up.  I told my stylist I had just had a baby and gravitated towards clothing that was not form fitting.  I also mentioned that I was looking for some business casual pieces to wear to brunch and what have you.  Lastly I mentioned that I was looking for a pair of colored pants.

Here is what I got... and remember, I am NOT a fashion blogger in any sense of the word.  Maybe next month the pictures will be better.

Bradie Embroidery Front Knit Top.

This shirt is beautiful and really high quality.  It was slightly baggy on me but the right color.  I thought about it quite a bit before ultimately deciding to send it back.  I have a few other embroidery shirts already hanging in my closet and for $54 I just can't justify adding another.

Jolana Tulip Sleeve Blouse.

I love, love, love this shirt and knew from the minute I pulled it out of the box I was keeping it.  It looks perfect with a pair of white pants or jeans.  It is flowy but still absolutely adorable.  Straight to the closet you go.

Rielle Acid Wash Knit Top.

This is slightly heavier than a cotton t-shirt, but still more or less just a really expensive t-shirt.  It fits just a bit oversized on me and I am really not a fan.  It is going back.

Nysa Skinny Jean.

My stylist said the only colored pair of pants she had in my size was white.  Which normally I would be jumping for joy, but literally last weekend I bought a pair of white jeans.  These are also fairly see-through, which is a firm no from me.  Back they go.

Aislinn Maxi Dress.

My first thoughts on this one?  I cannot stand the print.  I tried the dress on anyway though and was surprised at the quality of this lined dress.  Unfortunately though I don't think the high neckline and mid-calf length is doing much for my frame.  So sending this one back too.

At the end of it... I am happy with what was sent to me.  I may only be buying one of my five pieces, but a few of those I would have never tried on had it not been selected just for me.  I will say a few of the price tags where a bit high for my typical clothing budget, but I do feel like the quality was more than the average Target shirt.  Needless to say... I am already anxiously waiting next months box!

If you want to try it... use my referral code to get your first box for free!  Then let me know what you receive!  I loveeeee reading what everyone else gets in their boxes!

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