Emily | Three Month

ANOTHER month has passed in the blink of an eye and nothing has changed... meaning the months are still FLYING by at a record setting pace.  Of course they would be since this is our last baby.  For real, for real, this time.

Emily at three months...

.You are wearing size 3 and 3/6 month clothing.  Definitely 3/6 month sleepers.  You are long just like your sisters it would appear.

.You are in size 2 diapers but it is highly likely that with this next box we will be switching to size 3 already.  It could just be the Luvs diapers someone gifted us, but girlfriend you are not rocking those as you should.

.You are SO smiley and so sweet when someone gives you the attention you love so very much.  Face to face and being talked to are your absolute favorites.

.You love your biggest sister.  She gets the most smiles out of you.

.You have just started laughing recently.  It is the absolute BEST.

.You are not a fan of tummy time.  You just lay your head down and call it a day.

.You put weight on your legs and have pretty good head control.

.You love to be outside.

.You sleep like a champion in 8 hour stretches at night.  It is awesome.  But you don't nap all that well during the day. taking lots of little short ones versus long ones that give mama a chance to get things done.

.You nap best in mama's arms.

.You nurse every 3 hours mostly (except at night) and took your first bottle this month from grandma.

.You still spit up.  A lot.  It's a pain.  But we aren't worried about you because you are still growing like a weed and you don't fuss for more milk right away either.

.You are still undecided on your hair color.  Sometimes it is red.  Sometimes it is brown.

.You have blue eyes and they just keep getting lighter.

You are the SWEETEST thing ever.  On days where your sisters are bringing out every less than desirable mom quality, you calm me down and help me reset with a smile and a coo.  You fit in and complete us all so perfectly. Mommy loves you so Emily girl.

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