The 4th

Last week we celebrated one of the best holidays ever... July 4th. America's birthday. Independence Day.

After a day spent as a family together with Rob grilling and all the cute red, white and blue outfits, we headed outside to set off a few fireworks early in the evening.  Almost immediately a young woman stopped in our driveway and tried to sell me some children's books.  She was a young college student from another country that had to stop and give her pitch to a certain number of people everyday.  She saw us walk outside with our hoard of children and backpedaled to try and convince me.  While I turned down her pitch and what may be a scam, I did answer her questions about July 4th.  She asked me what we do to celebrate.  I said without hesitation "light up fireworks, spend quality time with family and friends and BBQ".  I don't know about you... but that is the very best way to spend this holiday.  Because U. S. A., y'all.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of this country and while we may have moments of turmoil and unrest, this is America... the land of the free.  I am forever thankful to live here and raise my children in the greatest country, ever.

Just like Memorial Day though, I feel deep in my bones that it is important for me to raise my children always knowing they are lucky to live in this great country and to not ever take it for granted.  I want them to grow up and proudly place their hand on their heart during the national anthem.  I want them to spend the 4th being thankful to be an American.  I want them to know that countless people gave their lives for the freedoms they get.  Sure America isn't perfect and there is always work to do... but at the end of the day this country is their home and I WANT them to be proud of that.

So with two full weekends sandwiched around the greatest summer holiday there ever was... I feel we fully accomplished a great birthday party for this great country.  I mean trips to the lake, fireworks, cute outfits and lots of good food, without a doubt adds up to a great celebration.

Happy birthday, America.  You great country.

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