5 Favorite Things To Do in the Fall in Kansas

I know fall has not officially started.  But the minute school starts and the temperature drops below 75 I am all in for all things fall.  Of course, the weather was feeling like fall around these parts and then the last couple of days it has been 80 degrees and muggy.  Because Kansas.

Most of you know I grew up in a Kansas City suburb.  Lived there the first 20 years of my life before leaving my bubble in favor of the Army's needs.  When that adventure ended I knew I wanted to return to Kansas... and well, here we are.

Kansas is my absolute favorite in the fall.
Here are my top 5 favorite things to do in the fall in eastern Kansas...

1. Visit the sunflower fields. We aren't the sunflower state just because.  The rolling fields of sunflowers are absolutely amazing.  Several local farmers have opened their fields to the public and one year they even had to shut down the roads around Grinter's Sunflower Farm because the traffic was overwhelming the small country roads.  Now we have small town festivals that coincide with the blooming of the sunflowers and they make for the best social media pictures.  My top three favorite sunflower destinations - Grinter's Sunflower Farm | Gieringers Orchard | Our local gem, Hunsinger Farms (923 E 1450 Road, south of Lawrence).

2. Hit up an apple orchard, pumpkin patch and corn maze.  This has been my number one fall activity since I had Grace 4 years ago. Most of the local farms open in the fall include hay rides, photo opps, games, playgrounds and special snacks that make for a solid afternoon of fun.  Last year we made it out to Pendleton's Country Market late in the season, as a storm was rolling in and got one on one time with the farmer to feed some animals and had almost the entire farm to ourselves.  It doesn't get more Kansas than that.  Another favorite? Cider Hill Family Orchard.

3. Deanna Rose. I rave about this place because if you have kids and haven't been here, you are absolutely missing out.  In the fall the entire farmstead is converted to fall activities that are included in one super LOW ticket price.  It is my favorite place to meet up with friends and enjoy the nice weather.  Grace loves to ride on the ponies and we all love feeding the goats.  Definitely a hidden Overland Park gem.

4. Tailgate at Arrowhead before a football game. We love our teams here in Kansas City.  But more than anything we love barbecue and we love tailgating.  Gates open hours and hours before the game starts and people gather in the parking lot to play games, eat, drink and make memories with friends and family.  Hands down this is the one fall activity I think every Kansas Citian should experience as one point in their life.

5. Take a walk down Massachusetts Street in Lawrence. Fall is the perfect time of year to walk down Mass St and take it all in.  The boutiques, the people, the food, all of it.  We love our downtown and our girls are often sad when we have to cut a walk down Mass St short.  There is no shortage of cute stores, street performers and the food... don't even get me started.  There is seriously something for everyone on Mass St.

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  1. Seeing these really make me miss Kansas. I am all sorts of jealous that Kyle is there right now.

    1. You definitely had a great experience in Kansas. So that is totally understandable. How long is Kyle here for?