September 12th

I did not write about September 11th yesterday.  At this point, there are no words that have been left unsaid.  17 years ago this country forever changed.  I was only 11, but even then I remember feeling that things would never be the same.  We would forever be just a little on edge anxiously waiting for another attempt at our country and our freedoms.

Scrolling through Facebook yesterday was a stark reminder of what was sacrificed that day.  The lives of the innocent, the first responders, the heroes, but overall the sense of security.

One friend shared this:

Original source, unknown.

"On 9/12, what mattered more was what united us, than what divided us."

Imagine for just a second if America always had this mentality and it did not take a tragedy to bring us together and remind us of all that we are blessed with.  As Americans, we wake up free and we go to bed free.  So many sacrificed before us to ensure we experience these freedoms and we should be proud to live in this country.

America isn't perfect.  It would be naive to say so, but sometimes we unnecessarily divide ourselves.  Who cares if a (really good) chicken restaurant is owned by Christians that practice what they preach?  Who cares if a (highly successful) footwear company decides to pay millions to a public figure they saw fit for their ad campaign?  At the end of the day these decisions don't negatively impact my everyday life one way or the other.  So why make it my personal mission to be offended?

As a mom, I can only continue to do my absolute best to raise my children to love everyone.  Regardless of skin tone, class, religion or political party.  With the hope that maybe one day they will wake up to a country that forever feels like September 12th.  A country united, not divided.

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  1. YES! Why can't every day be September 12th.

    1. I REALLY wish I knew the answer to this, but I do not. It would certainly make me more comfortable with being a parent.