Stitch Fix - 03

Another month, another box from Stitch Fix.  I was SOOO excited for this box when I snuck a look online, but was fairly disappointed and only kept one item this month.

A quick run down of Stitch Fix. Sign up (AND GET YOUR FIRST BOX FREE). Do a style profile. A stylist picks out 5 pieces to send to you (each month, every other month, once a quarter.. whenever, you schedule it!). You buy what you like, and send back what you don't like. Your $25 styling fee is applied towards any items you decide to keep. And you can even tell your stylist about upcoming events or particular pieces you are looking to add to your closet. 

So here is what I got this month.

And remember... I am NOT, nor do I claim to be a fashion blogger..

41 Hawthorn - Prinsloo Ruffle Neck Blouse - $58
You can probably clearly see why this blouse was promptly put in the return box.  Shall I count the reasons?  1. It is see through.  2. It is TIGHT and doesn't fit right.  3. The collar is super insanely itchy.  That's a hard no, no and no.

 Papermoon - Lucasta Cuff Sleeve Knit Top - $38
Spoiler alert.  This is the one item I kept.  I am a huge fan of stripes and I love the pop of bright on the sleeves.  I will say though, after washing and drying this shirt (as directed on the tag...) it has already shrunk quite a bit.  Still cute, but probably not worth the $38 I paid for it. 

Papermoon - Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse - $38
I love this color and I love the sleeves on this shirt.  I would have been more inclined to keep this, but it had a defect on the front left.  So back in the box it went.  It is interesting to point out that the shirt I kept from my first box was this exact brand, cut and style.  I'm a fan.

Level 99 - Francis Straight Leg Pant - $88
I asked for colored pants in this box.  These gray ones were sent to me.  I returned them for a few different reasons.  The quality is way above average.  But I cannot justify spending $88 on pants.  Ever.  I also was not a fan of the zipper detail on the pockets.  It was just awkward.  I like my pockets useful.  Finally, I returned these pants because the cut was kind of funny.  When I had them pulled up to where I think they are supposed to be pulled up, they were almost high waters.  So I don't know about that nonsense.

Market & Spruce - Auria Embroidered Dress - $74
I also asked for something to wear to my class reunion in this box.  Y'all, I LOVE this dress.  But it was already coming unraveled at the hem, so I made the decision to send it back.  I am still kind of bummed about that.  But it is what it is.
So after three months worth of boxes, these are my current take aways.

  • The quality does not necessarily line up with the price tags.  My first shirt and item I kept, similar to the green one in this box, has loose threads all over it after wearing it a handful of times.  If I am spending $40 on one shirt, I expect it to last longer than two months.
  • Receiving a box once a month is just about right.  I don't feel bad for buying one shirt or one item once a month for the price range I have been receiving.
  • It is still SO fun to have someone else shop for me!  I love seeing what they select for me and being surprised by how items fit when they arrive.
My next box is scheduled to get here a few days before my class reunion the first week in October and I am already pretty excited to see what is sent this month.

If YOU want to try Stitch Fix, use this referral code to get your first box sent to you for free.

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  1. I am sad to hear that the quality of the items has been such a BUMMER!! Arg, like this really frustrates me for you. 95% of the items I've kept have been the most amazing quality and have lasted for YEARS, which is why I continue SF. I hope your boxes continue to get better. The pop of color on the striped shirt is fun!! Love it! I am sad about the hem on that dress because it seriously looks amazing on you!

    1. Me too!!! So hopefully my next fix will be even better!

  2. I'm with you about never ever spending that much for a pair of pants, that is just insane to me!

    1. SO MUCH YES! It absolutely blew my mind that people actually pay that much.

  3. I like Stitch Fix a lot, mainly because I hate shopping for clothes! I will say that I agree, the prices are a little high for the quality you receive. If you have find one good thing, I agree it's worth it! I love the top you selected!