A reintroduction

For 8 years now, this little piece of internet has been my space, my place to write.  It all started in the first home I called my own when I moved from Kansas to Maryland to start a new chapter as a wife.  It has chronicled my adventures as a military spouse and our moves from Maryland to Kansas, Kansas to Georgia, Georgia to Tennessee and finally Tennessee back home.  It captured my feelings after welcoming each and every one of my three babies and even touched on the heartaches that come with being an adult.  This blog has been there every step of the way.

In those years, many of my blog friends (some I still hope to one day meet) have moved on from documenting their life story and the blogging world as a whole has changed in so many ways.  Yet here I am, still typing away.  I have no intentions of turning Somewhere Over the Camo into more than just a part time hobby.  It makes me happy to not have timelines and deadlines.  To write for myself and not a large audience.

Do I enjoy sharing this with you all though? You bet!

Which is why I thought maybe it was time for a reintroduction over here on Somewhere Over the Camo.

I am Amanda.  Rob's wife and mama to 3 beautiful baby girls, Grace, Brooklyn and Emily.  We live in Kansas after 6 years of living where the Army dictated we live.  I'm actively involved in MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers), but otherwise a stay at home mom.  I read, binge TV shows and plan a lot of playdates.  I am highly sarcastic and greatly enjoy Target.  I'm basic but also sort of unique.

Many of you have heard all of ^that^ before.. but maybe not the answers to these questions...

I grew up... in Kansas.  On the eastern end of the state, in a Kansas City suburb that my parents still call home.  We moved when I was 11 - but where I graduated high school from, is where I call my hometown.

Someone who has influenced me... so many people.  These days I am greatly influenced by my mom.  She's getting me through this parenting chapter in my life and helps me in more ways than she is probably aware.  Both my parents set a fantastic example for parenthood and it has given me a great base to build on.

A thing that changed my world view... becoming a parent.  It is cliche.  But it is so very true.  That and leaving my above mentioned suburban Kansas home for Maryland when I was 20 and freshly married.

I am strangely good at... vacuuming, list making and being late to everything.

A defining moment in my life was when... I married my husband.  It was just him and I.  We told no one.  We were only 20.  We went to the courthouse.  We made the decision to forever be attached to each other, and we've never once looked back and regretted it.

Recent discovery I can't stop talking about... sweater weather.  The seasons are shifting here in Kansas and that makes this girl VERY happy.  I LIVE for fall temperatures and I will talk your ear off about it.

Something I'm struggling with right now is... my anxiety.  When the summer months got calm and slow, I found my anxiety creeping back in with too much time to think.  Now I have spent several weeks actively trying to get it back under control.  Less worrying, more living.

My magical reset button is... when all 3 of my kids are asleep and my evening chores are done.  NOTHING compares.  I love my children, I really do.  But I also love those few hours at night that are just mine to do as I please.

In 3 months, ask me about... my upcoming 10 year class reunion.  TEN YEARS.  How is that possible y'all?

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  1. I love this!!! It's so fun getting to know you all over again. :)

  2. I didn't know you do MOPS too! I've been part of it since Annabelle was about 5 months old. I don't know where I'd be without it!

    I wish I remembered when I started reading your blog but I think it was about 6 years ago. Remember how many ladies used to blog back then!? I miss those days.

    1. I do! I just recently got into a group here that I feel super comfortable around. I am LOVING it.

      Yes! Those were absolutely the days. I am friends with so many on Facebook still but it is hard because they don't blog anymore.. it has changed so much.