Emily | Six Month

What a month.

Emily has been here for six months now and this girl never fails to throw curveballs our way.  She is still making sure she is super different than her big sisters.  First she was born at 37 weeks, 5 days after my water broke at home, instead of a safe planned induction, on or super close to my due date, in the hospital like her sisters.  She was a full two pounds smaller than her sisters at birth, but has since made up for it.  She struggled to keep her sugars up in the hospital, warranting an extra days stay from her pediatrician.  She has a belly button hernia. She is the only one of my three babies that nurses without a shield (22 months of nursing with a shield with Grace, and 17 months with Brooklyn).

And now we have another thing to add to our list.

A few weeks ago I noticed a lump on the back of Emily's head.  It is prominent when she is lying down but mostly goes away when she is sitting up.  I casually mentioned it to her doctor when we went in for her 6 month well child check up.  Thankfully I remembered to bring it up... because she sent us to the hospital for an ultrasound the next morning because it is definitely not on her soft spot, like I thought it was.  Wednesday was her well child, Thursday was her ultrasound and Friday we knew what it was.  Emily has a bulging blood vessel on the crown of her head.  They do not know why or what is causing it.  But by itself it is really not an urgent concern.  The problem is that it is fairly close to the soft spot on the crown of her head, which could pose a problem when it starts to close.  So we are getting a second opinion from a pediatric plastic surgeon this week and hopefully we will know what, if anything, we need to do for our sweet babe.  If you don't mind, we would love any prayers or well wishes you could send our way this week

Other than that, Emily is the absolute sweetest baby and I am blessed to be her mama.

Emily at 6 months...

.You are weighing in at 20 pounds, 2.5 ounces and are in the 97th percentile.

.You are 25.5 inches tall and in the 33rd percentile.

.You are wearing size 6-9 month and 9 month clothing for the most part.  But I have had to bust out the size 12 month pants to keep you comfortable on the chilly days.  You are still in size 3 diapers, for now.

.You moved into your big girl room this month and sleep sprawled out or slightly on your side.

.You take the shortest cat naps about 3-4 times a day for maybe 20 minutes a time.  But you sleep through the night still so we absolutely do not complain.

.You have taken an interest in the dog.  Diesel is still fairly indifferent, but good about letting you run your fingers through his hair.

.You are really not a binky baby still.  You use it maybe once a day but you are nowhere near as attached as your sisters were at this stage.

.You love to crinkle toys, pull loveys up to your face, and lay on the floor and bicycle.

.You love daddy.  You are absolutely obsessed with him.  And your sisters.

.You babble and giggle.

.You started eating baby food to go with your milk.  So far you have tried apples, carrots, bananas and pears and love it all.

.You went through a growth spurt right at 6 months that nearly knocked mama on her butt.  So clingy and constantly nursing or sleeping for a solid two days.  But we survived.

.You still have a smattering of hair but it is starting to look a bit browner with just a hint of red and the biggest blue eyes ever.

.You are so so happy and your sweet smile can turn around the crankiest mood.

Emily girl, mama loves you.  You are growing up way way way too fast and while I can't wait to see your personality come out, I am very much enjoying the squishy little baby you are right now.  Of course, you will always be the baby of the family but it is super okay to not grow up so fast.  Stay sweet little girl.

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