Catching up

It has been a minute around these parts.  Sometimes I feel like I am just barely hanging on, so the blog has hit the back burner, as it always does when life gets chaotic.  I can't say we have necessarily had a super packed schedule, but we've had a steady flow of activities and our fall has started off with a few solid weekends running here, there and everywhere.

Rob's grandparents visited from Florida.

Our girls are so fortunate that they get to have a relationship with their great-grandparents.  They were in town for a couple of weeks during September visiting Rob's uncle who lives about an hour away from us.  But we squeezed in some barbecue, football and of course, golf.  It was their first time meeting Emily, and little squish loved hearing Grammy sing just like the other babes did and still do.  We greatly look forward to the next time we get to see them.

Emily girl did some growing up.

She's 6 months old (post to come!), started eating baby food and officially moved out of our room and into her own room across the hall.  There was a solid two nights of mom worry but girlfriend LOVES it, and is still sleeping through the night (**knock on wood**), so I guess that is that.  Next thing I know she will be 18 probably.

We've done 5 jillion preschool drop offs, an equal number of pick ups, and thrown in a few doctors appointments.

But we are still LOVING preschool.  So I guess it is worth it to haul the 20 pound baby around in her carseat and build those dang muscles.  #MomMuscles should be a real hashtag.  Also - with three kids, I'm always taking someone (or myself) to a doctors appointment.  So I guess I should just accept it and roll with it at this point.

We watched grass grow.

Literally.  Our yard is looking sharp and my husband is on cloud nine after all the hard work he put in this summer.  Even our children pet the grass and "oh" and "ah" over it.  It's a family thing at this point.

We have enjoyed the weather.

Yesterday was a 90* day - but otherwise we have been loving the cooler temperatures and the amazing weather we have overall been blessed with.  Of course, now we are moving into a rainy few days, but I'll take it.  Because I. LOVE. FALL.

We attended our first fall festival of the season.

I am that person that goes to allllll the fall festivals.  At this festival, Rob was working a booth for the Fallen Outdoors and my sister was in the tent right next to him doing her thing for her job, so the girls and I drove out for the parade and festival.  And left tiiiiiiiired.  So I guess that is a success then?

We met our newest nephew.

Rob's family came and spent a night with us, bringing along our new sweet baby nephew.  Ledger is almost two months old, and weighs less than my middle child did AT BIRTH.  So I stole all the snuggles and marveled at how we have baby dolls bigger than him.  We loved spending time with my in-laws who spoil my girls with all the love. We tried some new to town restaurants and watched the cousins bond.  Absolutely worth it.

I snuck away two Sundays in a row to celebrate beautiful friends and their babes.

Two of my pretty friends are adding little babes to their families and so we had to celebrate.  We have a sweet boy joining the world in October and a sweet girl joining us by the end of the year.  So we gifted, played games and ate good food.  They can come whenever at this point.  That way I can steal more wee little baby snuggles.

My dad had a birthday party at a restaurant.

In my family we meet for dinner when it is someones birthday.  When my 4 year old caught word that it was Grandpa's birthday she insisted we were having a birthday party.  One stop to the dollar store later and we had a party on our hands.  Hats, blowers and balloons, all the ways to embarrass grandpa.  But the girls were beyond happy, so in my book that is a win.  Happy birthday, again, Dad!

We welcomed October with a special yard greeting.

How fun is this "boo"?! Our girls were surprised with a yard greeting and special goody bag from Sign Gypsies Lawrence.  I may be slightly biased in that I call the owner my friend, but y'all this is absolutely the cutest.  We are plotting who to send a boo on to now!

I think that is a catch up on my end.

Coming soon...
---Emily's 6 month update
---An update on my anxiety
---6 months postpartum after baby #3

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