My favorite things about my kids 2018

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Being a mom is still one of my greatest joys in life.  Sure it keeps me busy and somedays (most days) I am just about at the end of my sanity... but there is just something about a mothers love for the babies she created.  Absolutely nothing compares.

When my kids are older and the snuggle is gone, I hope I remember them at this age.  Remember all the things that both drive me crazy and make me love them even harder.

I hope I remember...

Grace (age 4) -
Her eyes and eyebrows, strong like her daddy.
Her need to always be cuddling or touching mommy and daddy.  Probably cause we co-slept.
How she loves Dr. Seuss books.
That her favorite princess is Belle.
How she yells "mama" when I have gone missing.
How she always appears in our bed, every single night and finds a spot to settle into.
How obsessed she is with "doggy", her lovey.
How she is a lefty, like mama.

Brooklyn (age 2) -
Her crazy hair that can't be tamed.
How obsessed she is with "baby", her lovey.
How stinking ornery this girl can be.
How obsessed she is with the book "Night, Night, Little Pookie".
That her favorite princess is Moana.
How she giggles and then belly laughs if you tickle her thighs.
How she loves her blanket and a fan on at night.
How independent she is.

Emily (age 7 months) -
Her dimple on the right side of her face.
How she hugs your neck and strokes your hair when you pick her up.
How obsessed she is with daddy's beard.
How sweet her breath is after nursing.
How she rolls on her belly in her sleep and cries when she gets stuck.

The big girls are both obsessed with Elsa and Anna and anything Frozen, and throughly enjoy wrestling.  All three girls have the sweetest giggles and matching back birthmarks (a smattering of light pink dots on their middle to lower back).  And when they all fall into a deep sleep they have matching sighs, that make my mama heart flutter.

Someday I will look back and these words will be all I have to remember these little moments of their lives right now.  They are growing and changing everyday and while I love seeing their personalities emerge, I know I am going to miss this.... this stage in life.

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  1. I love this! It's so fun seeing them grow and change.