Veterans Day 2018

"America without her soldiers...
would be like God without his angels."

Veterans Day.

I know first hand what our service members sacrifice for this country.  Their freedoms, time with their families, and in some instances, their life, the ultimate sacrifice.  To willingly choose to sign on that dotted line, is something most of us will never fully understand.

I am proud to be married to my personal hero.  These days, just looking at him, you would probably never know he served in the military... after all he sports a full beard and calls his own shots in life, but those 9 years helped define the person he is today.  I proudly watched him walk out the door wearing camo and dress uniforms with a clean freshly shaved face.  He rose through the ranks and gained respect as a leader.  To this day I am still proud beyond belief of his military career and all that he accomplished.

So to you, Rob, happy Veterans Day!

To the countless other soldiers and heroes I have met along the journey, happy Veterans Day.  I am forever grateful for you and what you stand for.

This country is grateful, especially today.

Who are you honoring today?

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