Slice of Life - November 2018

It already sort of feels like it should be the middle of December.  But it's not.. and I am here today to unload the entire exciting month of November into one Slice of Life for you.

Hold on tight... this may be a long one.

We attended our first KU game at Allen Fieldhouse.  Anyone who knows anything about NCAA basketball knows that the University of Kansas has a pretty solid basketball team.  We took our whole gang to an exhibition game early in the season.  We only made it to halftime, but it was a fun little outing with our people.

The baby moved up in her restaurant game... right into a highchair.  She is a major fan of sitting in a highchair at dinner and we enjoy how much easier it is to keep her preoccupied now.  Next stop is the front of a cart at the store.  But due to freezing cold temps it is still WAY easier to just lug her and her ginormous carseat in and out of stores rather than unload that little babe in the parking lot.  Sorry, not sorry.

Still proud to be a Kansan.  I stumbled across this on the world wide inter webs and it could not be more true.  We've lived a lot of places, but there is just something about the people that call Kansas home.

Emily enjoyed her first time swinging in a swing. She's a fan and a happy little clam.

We went out west for a third birthday party. Allison and I took this picture and then marveled at how we have aged.  We are only 28... but lordy, having kids changes ya.  I am lucky to get to grow old with this lady in my life.

We FINALLY got our van back.  A month later and $15k in damages repaired, our van is back home.  Somehow I got over my anxiety of driving through deer infested areas.  The rut is winding down and now I just send everyone off with a "watch for deer" warning.  It truly is a midwestern "I love you".

We visited with an old friend and didn't take pictures. Last month one of my oldest friends, Derek, was in town for dinner one night.  We took him to Rob's favorite restaurant, Grinders, and at one point Rob and the kiddos snuck away for the above photo strip that warms my mama heart ten times over.  We can't wait to see Derek next time because we get to finally meet his wife!

That time Rob visited Qatar on a marriage retreat while deployed to Kuwait. I found these pictures when I was looking back through old pictures around Veterans Day and I feel like they need to be seen.  They absolutely deserved this weekend away from Kuwait... but a marriage retreat when your wife is continents away from you?

We decorated gingerbread houses.  They turned out so cute and I loved watching my girls be creative. Plus it absolutely got us in the mood for all that is December.

We decorated our tree. The day after Thanksgiving our tree went up and my kids LOVED it.  After some coaxing they did finally spread the ornaments out so they were not just on one side of the tree, and I refrained from redoing it because I'm trying to get better about letting go of things like that.

Santa came to town and was rescued by the fire department.  Our town is the absolute cutest.  Every year Santa arrives on top of the local department store.  Then the fire department rushes down the street and sends a ladder up to rescue him in front of hoards of families.  I love this tradition and my kids do too.  I just love this town.

We had a blizzard.  Our fall break was given an extra day when it snowed 6 inches in a blizzard, whiteout way.  Thirty minutes from us they closed the interstate and I couldn't tell you the last time that happened.  We were safe and snug in our house and thank heavens we did not lose any power!  To top it all off the kids enjoyed the 20 minutes of play time that took 30 minutes to get ready for.  It is so the small things.

And that is our month of November.
Now who is ready for December?

Oh and one last thing.  I am being featured over on Lauren Cecora telling my anxiety and PPA story.  I suffer from anxiety and I'm not ashamed of that one little bit.  So if you have some time and want to read my story... click here.

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  1. I absolutely miss Kansas because of the people!!!! I have never met nicer people.

  2. We drove to Kansas City to visit my brother-in-law-'s family on our way back to Georgia last year. Kansas drivers have to be the most polite and correct drivers I've ever encountered on an interstate.