Emily | Eight Months

Our Emily girl is EIGHT months old.  The months just fly by around the holidays it seems.  As if the calendar days flying by isn't enough, everyday it seems this girl is picking up something new.  Which has been so fun but also hurts my mama heart just a little bit.

Emily at 8 months...

.You are still wearing size 12 month clothing.  For now, at least.

.You are in size 4 diapers, but the blowouts have increased so I think we are about to move up into size 5, permanently.

.You have mastered sitting up on your own and love to sit on the floor and play with your toys.

.You have also started rolling around the floor.  I'm not sure you necessarily do it to get anywhere, it's just something to do.  So far, you haven't tried to get up on your hands and knees short of pushing up on you hands like a seal.

.You are eating baby food at lunch and dinner and desperately want to eat what we are eating.

.You have no teeth, still.  They are SO close, but still haven't popped through yet.

.You started sitting in a highchair at restaurants with us and thoroughly enjoy watching the coming and goings of the people around you.

.You take 2 naps a day usually.  A short morning one that is usually maxed out at 45 minutes.  Your afternoon one is a lot longer and usually ranges from 1 to 3 hours.  You sleep in your crib, for the most part and nurse to sleep.

.You still nurse, but are easily distracted.  Right now you nurse first thing in the morning, before your morning nap, before your afternoon nap, before bed and just before midnight (usually).

.You are a pretty good nighttime sleeper but some nights you are up quite a bit still.  I can usually get you settled if I lay you on my chest as you are a tummy sleeper.

.You have some stranger danger if you can't see mama, and are hesitant to pass out smiles to random people.  But once you have warmed up you are usually a gem to anyone.

.You have hair coming in pretty good.  It sticks up at the crown of you head  Still unsure what color it will be as it is lighter than both of your sisters.  I am thinking a lighter brown, maybe?

.You have big blue eyes like Grace and Daddy and still rock a little dimple on your right cheek.

.You have amazing rolls!  Legitimate rubber bands on your wrists.

.You are daddy's number one fan and your big sisters absolutely adore you, still.

.You have the most infectious laugh and a smile that can melt even the coldest heart.

Sweet little babe who perfectly fits the youngest role... God knew what he was doing when he put you in our family.  You are this bright spot in our home and you are such a joy to be around   I am so blessed to be your mama and I love you so baby girl.

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