Documenting the Family

Clearly I am a fan of documenting life.  Around here someone is always taking a picture.  Growing up it was my mom.  Now it is me.  Someday it will probably be at least one of my kids.  For years my mom has talked about getting us all together and having some family pictures professionally done.  So, for Christmas, my sister and I did just that.  We hired a photographer and we got the pictures taken in October.  I've shared some here and there on Instagram but is life really documented until it hits the blog?

I say no.

So without further ado.

They aren't perfect or perfectly posed and I am a redhead wearing burgundy (the HORROR!), but I think we are all fairly happy with how these pictures came out.  It will be fun to watch our family grow and change over the years.

Special shout out to this friend who sacrificed some of her weekend to help us coax smiles out of the girls.  She's an absolute saint and we all love Aunt Kara!

All photos taken and credited to Todd Riggins - Frozen in Time Photography.

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  1. These are such wonderful family photos! We are overdue for new ones, hopefully it happens soon.