Museums, MLK Day, and Mondays

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Martin Luther King Jr Day.

May we remember to always stand for what we believe in.
May we teach our children to love all people.
And may we find our voice when it is needed most.

Going into this Monday with good vibes and high hopes.  Lots of things are on my mind as of late and sometimes it is super nice to put things in perspective and realize it could always be worse.

With that being said, let's chat about a few things on my mind right now.

On Friday, the girls and I went with one of my best friends to a pop up museum here in town.  We spent an hour throwing confetti, playing in a ball pit, and taking lots of pictures at the Museum of Good Vibes.  We all had a GREAT time and I'm still not over it 3 days later.  I'm just sad this isn't a permanent venture here in Lawrence.

Sunday nights football game.  I am a Chiefs fan until the day I die and I have never in my life experienced the kind of adrenaline and anxiety I experienced Sunday.  I'm sad, but also excited because y'all we are JUST getting started.  What more could a fan ask for?!  On to bigger and better things.

What else?

I'm ready for warmer weather, sunny skies and spring.  About this time every year I become ready for a season change.  It's just too much.  The girls and I have been home for three days now because it is just tooooo cold and icy and snowy for me to justify loading everyone up.  So now I have a touch of cabin fever and just want to leave for the sake of leaving.  Whyyyyyyy.

I am going to do my best to make the rest of this MLK Day a bit less whiney and a bit more grateful for all that we have in life.  Our freedoms first and foremost.

What freedom are you must thankful for?!

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