Emily | Ten Months

This month has absolutely been the game changer for our Emily.  She's on the move and all of a sudden the entire world seems endless.  Which is fun for baby and exhausting for mommy.

Emily at 10 months...

.You are wearing size 18 month and some 12 months.  You are still a bit on the short side for the 18 month clothing but it is more spacious.

.You are wearing size 4 shoes because of your chunker feet.  When you wear shoes that is.

.You are on the move, Army crawl style.  You are quick about it, too.

.You love hanging out with your sisters in the playroom.  Making the rounds seeing how much you can annoy them.

.You finally have some teeth! Your first one popped through on New Years Day and the second one was soon to follow.

.You smile with your lip curled around your top gum and it is one of mama's favorite things.

.You are really starting to get lean as you become mobile.

.You love to try new foods and have tried tons of new foods this month.  Your typical meal is some banana puffs, some baby food and a few bites of whatever we are eating.

.You still nurse in the morning, before nap, sometimes after nap and before bed.

.You are still getting up at night once or twice, sometimes more, sometimes less.  You really spoiled us those first couple of months.

.You LOVE your sisters, but especially your big sister.  You guys have the sweetest bond and one of your favorite things to do is hand out hugs before bedtime.

.You are mostly taking one really good nap in the afternoon for 2 to 3 hours.  Sometimes you take a morning one depending on what time you got up.

.You also love your daddy, and the dog, a lot.  You drop everything when daddy comes in the door and hightail it over for a greeting.  Daddy has a whole crew of girls wrapped around his finger.

.You have hair that sticks up straight off the back of your head.  It is mostly brown but in the right light it sometimes look red, still.

.You have been known to feel the beat of music and can sometimes be found bouncing along to the beat.

.You are so easy going, still!

Emily girl, you are the sweetest little gem.  I miss sleep sometimes, but I think you are worth it in all of your quirks.  Your personality is my favorite and I can't wait to watch you grow into it even more.

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