Slice of Life - February 2019

Who else felt like January was the month that just kept on giving?  We are now into February and I'm celebrating because it is one dang month closer to SPRING.  I long for it... because this winter has been extra brutal, and although I am not a summer person, anything is better than what this winter has thrown at us.

We've had snow, we've had ice, we've had polar vortexes, we have had extreme windchills... school has been cancelled, a lot.  Like today.  It is sad when you are just thankful as heck for the sun to be shining for the first time in basically forever.

Grace has been improving SO much in the speech department.  I got to sit in on one of her sessions last week and watched her putting together sentences on her own and repeating back phrases multiple times with no errors (this has been a huge issue - she can repeat it once, but if she has to repeat it more than once the sentence drops off little by little).  A couple of weeks ago I was trying to explain to her that we were going to do something on a certain day.  I asked her if she knew her days of the week... and she starts singing this song that they sing in preschool.  Grace doesn't always bring home what she learns.  I hear about what they played with and what she ate for snack, but rarely does she tell me what they learned.  So this was a pleasant surprise.

We also attempted this with Brooke.  While she is excited to sit on the potty, she still has no problem sitting in wet panties or diapers, which makes training her hard.  She is set to start preschool in September, so we have some time to let the idea sink in.  But I have a feeling she isn't going to take to it as easy as her sister.

The sleep department has been lacking lately.  All 3 girls are sleeping in their own rooms.  But Emily had some sleep regression and wakes up multiple times a night to nurse back to sleep.  Brooke and Grace just naturally drift into our room at some point almost every night.  One night Brooke snuck in by scaring the living heck out of me with her doll creeping around the door at me before she made her appearance.  Life with kids y'all... it is fun.

Is there anything better than seeing you or your spouse through your kids eyes?  Dad's Day was on Kansas Day again this year and Grace was so excited to have her daddy come to preschool with her.  Then these little notes came home and it is just the sweetest.


We moved into our home almost 2 years ago.  One of the first rooms I unpacked and organized was my closet.  It is massive and probably my favorite part of our home.  But it was also getting a bit unruly.  So I spent a little and gave it a facelift and I will never stop loving organization in my home.  Here's what I did.

$5 roll of faux marble contact paper applied to the back of my shelves
$24 ($6/per) plastic purple baskets on the shelves (Walmart!)
$9 cabinet shelf to help organize my sweaters.  (Was probably unnecessary but makes getting sweaters out much easier!)
$15 wood basket for on top of my shoes to organize wallets and other odds and ends
$3 command hooks for hats

My cousin sent me this gem on Snapchat the other day.  This was my 1st Communion get up.  My aunt curled my bangs so much they stuck about two inches off my head.  And my sisters flower?  She was trendy before big bows and flowers were cool.  I am loving watching these trends come full circle.  Maybe also cringing a little bit.

Many of you probably saw on Instagram, but I started a new network for creatives here in my town.  Every time we would move to a new town while Rob was in the Army my first connection was always with other bloggers.  Sometimes I got lucky and other times nobody was local.  It always seems like a natural fit when you link up with other creatives.  I've been watching some KC Influensters create these amazing networking events that are both fun, inspiring and gratifying and I thought, while KC is only 30 minutes down the road, how great would it be to have that local?  So I did it.  I have had a great response from the boss ladies in Lawrence and I am excited to see where this project goes.  If you want to follow along.... on Facebook and Instagram, please do!

Cheers to the weekend my friends!  All I am hoping for is sunshine and maybe some warmer temperatures.  Is that too much to ask?!

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