Stitch Fix - 05

So one of my favorite things right now, is receiving subscription boxes in the mail full of goodies I didn't pick out.  I'm digging surprises.  I don't even know why.  Recently another Stitch Fix box was delivered to my house and I'm a fan, y'all.

What is Stitch Fix you ask?

Stitch Fix is a personally selected box of 5 items sent to your door as often as you want.  Just sign up (GET YOUR FIRST BOX FREE) and do a style profile. Then a stylist picks out 5 pieces to send to you (each month, every other month, once a quarter.. whenever, you schedule it!). You buy what you like, and send back what you don't like. Your $20 styling fee is applied towards any items you decide to keep. And you can even tell your stylist about upcoming events or particular pieces you are looking to add to your closet.

This box I did not send any notes or requests so it was all the way on my stylist.  Here is what was sent to me...

Shape Refine LS Tee - $58

I like the idea of a long t-shirt with embellished sleeves but this one falls short for me for two reasons.  The obvious one is that this "tee", as they call it, costs $58.  Something about the word tee and anything over $25 just does not sit well with me.  The second issue with this shirt, it is made of a spandex like material that is supposed to smooth and suck you in.  But it clings in all the wrong places.  So back to Stitch Fix it goes.

Skies Are Blue Ollie Cotton Blend Textured Cardigan - $58

This cardigan is made of a really lovely heavy cotton material in a matches anything color, perfect for the bitter cold temperatures.  I liked everything about it but the collar.  It just didn't do my frame any favors, so I returned this one, as well.

Studio Blue Kenova Distressed Rolled Skinny Jeans - $64

I loved these jeans and really wanted to keep them.  They fit me well and I'm a fan of being able to style them many different ways.  Ultimately I returned them though because of the price tag.  My current favorite pair of jeans cost about $20 and come from Walmart.  So it is REALLY hard for me to justify something three times the cost of that.

Papermoon Fayette Mixed Material Blouse - $38

I really love the Papermoon brand, the green on this shirt and the way it fit.  But I have tons of lightweight shirts like this, and did not feel an immediate attachment requiring me to keep this shirt no matter what, so I sent it back.

Absolutely Bibiyana Side Button Detail Pullover - $48

This is the one item from this box that I kept.  I'm OBSESSED.  I don't know why stripes are gold details are my absolute favorite right now, but they are.  It is like I am emerging from my preppy shell and I can't get enough.  Even my husband bought me a striped Kate Spade bag for Christmas.  He knows.  I love this shirt because I will be able to wear it for multiple seasons and style it many different ways.  Which in my book is always worth it.

I have another box scheduled to show up here at the end of this month and I am excited to request a few things for upcoming events and see what shows up.  I am still loving the thrill of someone else shopping for me but thrown by some of these prices.  For the entire month of February I am going to try and refrain from browsing clearance racks for clothing I really don't need, so these boxes will be my only indulgences.

Are you ready to give Stitch Fix a try?! I love seeing what other people get.  To try the box FOR FREE, click here.

What do you think... did I make the right choice?

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  1. I absolutely love that cardigan!!! It's so cute on you.

  2. I received my very first Stitch Fix box today. I've been thinking about joining for awhile now and last Saturday I finally did it! I returned everything except the jeans (same one you got). I agree that the price was a little steep, BUT they fit me SO well that I thought for $48 (that includes the $20 membership fee) I HAD to have them. I have LOTS of jeans, but these fit like a glove that I could not send them back...even my husband loved the way they looked on me. Oh, and they feel like butter!

  3. I did the same thing I kept the same jeans absolutely loved them but I paid $58 smh so pricey I thought I could have went to Burlington and bought three pairs for that price , but I'm excited to receive my second box ! Thank you for sharing ❤️