Completely unrelated to this post.
Spring nails for spring vibes.
Making: Plans for my networking event coming up in April.
Cooking: Nothing - the day is almost done.  Thank heavens.
Drinking: Water. Trying to up my intake like an obedient old lady.

Reading: "The Book of Polly" by Kathy Hepinstall for book club.  It's actually pretty good and I would definitely recommend it.
Wanting: Warmer temperatures.  Spring time would be FANTASTIC right about now.
Playing: The latest of episode of "The Resident" on Fox.

Listening: To the house creak and the heater run.
Wishing: For the baby to sleep through the entire night.
Enjoying: Brooke's hair flying away with static electricity.

Liking: That Daylight Savings Time switch is coming up this weekend.  Bring on the later evenings!
Wondering: What to get Brooklyn and Emily for their birthdays.
Hoping: For no more snow days.  Or snow.  Or ice.  Or cold really.

Marveling: That we only have one month left before Emily turns ONE.
Needing: To finish laundry.  Always.
Smelling: Diesel boy curled up against me.

Wearing: Jammies.  I'm ready for bed.
Thinking: Of how thankful I am for chiropractors and their ability to snap me back into place when my back goes out picking a toy up.
Feeling: Tired, as always.  My back is a bit sore.  But otherwise I am good.  For real.

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  1. Sending you good sleep vibes! I hope she sleeps through the night soon.