Our girl is just one month away from the big one.  How did the last year already fly past us?  I remember how miserable I was last year about this time and now I'm watching this little lady and her fun personality.

Emily at 11 months...

.You are wearing size 18 month clothing, even though you are sort of swimming in them length wise still.

.You have really started to thin out through your middle but your arms and legs are ready to be shown off this summer with all their glorious rolls.

.You are still army crawling everywhere.  You get up on all fours in the climbing position but then just flop down on your belly to start moving.

.You are up to four teeth.  Two on top, two on bottom.  Your teething adventure is super obvious because you get a diaper rash, your hands are always in your mouth and your nose drips like a faucet.  Oh and your sleep gets even worse.

.You are still getting up multiple times a night to nurse and soothe yourself back to sleep.  I know we will get through this phase, but the sooner, THE BETTER.

.You love food and so far we haven't found much you don't like.  You really like saltine crackers though.  Every now and again you eat pureed food still and love banana orange medley.

.You are still nursing in the morning, before nap time, before bed and during the night.

.You love being with your sisters and rarely sit still.

.You discovered Diesel's food and water and it's great fun to spill the water everywhere and eat the dogs food.

.You just started trying to pull yourself up on stuff.

.You are so smiley and go with the flow most days but love the routine mom tries to stick with.

.You started waving bye bye but now think it is funny to just smile really big when someone says bye bye to you and withhold your waves.

.You enjoy chewing on a binky toy and just about anything else you can find to put your mouth on.

You are such a ray of sunshine in our household.  Always smiling and laughing and keeping things light.  I'm loving watching you develop more and I'm still surprised by the similarities you are already showing to your sisters.  Next month you turn 1 and while I am absolutely NOT ready.  I am excited to celebrate you baby girl.

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