Spring Bucket List

"No matter how long the winter is...

spring is sure to follow."

The trees are greening up, the flowers are blooming, and the temperatures have finally climbed into the range appropriate enough to play outside in.  I live for spring, minus the whole allergy season part.  Spring + fall are totally my jam.

This year I want to take complete advantage of the weather before the humidity sets in and mama can't stand being outside for more than 10 minutes.

So I present... Our Spring Bucket List!

--Take the girls to their first Sporting Kansas City game of the season.  Rob has already been to several and I've been to one.  But the weather has not cooperated with us to take the girls along.  We ended up buying season tickets for this year because my husband LOVES SKC and soccer games.  The atmosphere is like no other.  We just need less wind, warmer temperatures and no rain so we can take the babes with us.

--Visit the Easter bunny.  This year I am skipping most of the public egg hunts and bunny visits in favor of going to a private one with a smaller crowd.  I think it will be perfect for the babes to really enjoy themselves and I don't have to worry too much about big kids overrunning the littles.

--Hunt for eggs.  Rob has been working his butt off to get our yard cleaned up and beautiful.  This year it will be so fun to watch the girls hunt for eggs in their own yard.  Start the tradition early for all of them.

--Take pictures with real bunnies.  I've talked about our local pet store that is kind of like an indoor zoo.  This year they are offering pictures with bunnies in exchange for a small donation.  I'm down, so down.  Count me in.  I have high hopes for this, but we will see.

--Attend the Climb Out of the Darkness 2019 events here in our area.  I have been very open and vocal about my postpartum anxiety and this year I are excited to put my efforts behind a very public cause.  We will be walking in the walk and I will be spreading the word near and far, because it means that much to me and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. For more information on the Climb Out of the Darkness activities, click here.

--Have a picnic by the lake.  This is one of my favorite things to do when the weather cooperates.  It may be a bit harder this year because my littlest love is mobile and doesn't sit still very long.  But I think if I give her some food, it will help keep her stationary. Maybe?

--Finally let the girls ride their bike to the park.  Grace has been wanting to do this, and I just haven't had a chance to do it really with Emily napping in the afternoon.  But we WILL make it happen.  I promise.

--Visit the baby animals at Orschelns.  Our local farm store has baby animals you can hold.  We have taken Grace in the past, but we haven't done it since Brooke was born 3 years ago.  So this spring is the season.

--Go to Deanna Rose Farmstead, again.  We LOVE this place.  I really love going to this place when the big kids are still in school.  So instead of having this on our summer bucket list, we are moving it to the spring one.  The temperatures are still nice and the crowds should still be relatively small.  That's a win, win, win for me.

--Wear hats with our Easter dresses.  I did this growing up and I'm excited to have all girls and pass this down to them too.  There is just something about a straw hat with an Easter dress, I am a sucker.

This spring is shaping up to be a busy one in our house.  But I am excited to put effort into the memories and make it extra special for all of us.

What is on your spring bucket list?

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