Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

"The great gift of Easter is hope."
-Basil C. Hume

The great resurrection is near.  To celebrate parents near and far will give their kids Easter baskets full of sweet trinkets and treats.  Some parents will take the parenting to a new level of Pinterest and outdo even themselves. Other parents (like myself) sometimes need help figuring out what to put in those highly valued Easter baskets.

My kids love them.  I love the joy it brings them. I do not love junk that nobody will ever utilize.  So here's what I am doing this year.


One of the CUTEST local shops, April's Sweet Treats, releases the most beautiful cookies for every holiday. This year she is releasing a Paint-Your-Own Egg that my kids are going to LOVE.  I've already scooped up one for each of my big girls.   Anything edible is really a win in my book.  So candy, too!  I mean if you aren't eating Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs we can't even be friends.

To see more information about April's Sweet Treats and place an order, click here.

-Bubbles and chalk.

My favorite way to kick off the season is with a box of new chalk.  Even better the Dollar Spot at Target usually has small boxes of chalk and little tubes of bubbles.  The cheaper the better, especially on something that is used for one season then discarded or replaced with a new one.


I LOVE giving books.  Especially ones that give a reason for the season in a way children will understand.   This year my girls will be getting Usborne books that are perfect in every way.  These higher quality books will easily last forever around our house too.  I got this bunny shaped one for Emily that I know will probably go with us in the diaper bag for lots of entertainment.  My girl, Heather, is my favorite book lady, and can answer any questions you may have about both Usborne and placing an order.  Extra points for the shipping being so QUICK!

To place an order, click here.


My girls are obsessed with all things sparkly and pretty.  We are always wearing dresses.  Stomping around the house in click clack shoes.  And picking out jewelry to match everything on the fanciest of days.  I don't like to drop a lot because it doesn't last forever so I love when I spot options in the Dollar Spot or on sale anywhere else.  It doesn't take much for them to be obsessed, something I love about this stage.

-Something useful.

Emily is still at that age (1) where she doesn't need a lot because everything goes in her mouth.  This year I will probably throw some food pouches or a new sippy cup in her basket.  These are things we always need, and she's too young to know the difference yet.  I may include socks or a new hairbrush for the big girls.  Something we will use but makes them feel special to receive it on a holiday instead of with the grocery order.

Of course, sometimes it is just easier to let someone else do it.  Last year my mom gifted the girls a shared basket with a Minnie Mouse theme.  It was so sweet and the girls loved it.  This year I've considered letting Ashley at Gracefully Gifting take the reins.  Her baskets are adorable and perfect for ALL ages.  (While I'm on the subject, Ashley's business is perhaps my favorite thing ever.  She creates and selects gifts for all occasions. So she's a personalized gift shopper! Maybe my dream job.)

To see your options and place an order, click here.

One of the best parts of being a parent is the joy I can bring to my kids.  Even the smallest effort can really light up their whole day.  Grace frequently says "this is the best day ever"! And now, that is my only goal in life... to give her as many "best days ever" as possible.  While it will not take a glamorous and fabulous Easter basket, I know that it will just add to the spirit of Easter as a whole.

What do you include in your Easter baskets?

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