Grace | SIX

January 25, 2014.  We became parents to a baby girl.  After a brief trip to the NICU (she was noisy and had issues breathing right off the bat), she settled into a peaceful, easy going personality.  And it has been that way ever since.

Grace has rolled through life adjusting to move after move, becoming a big sister twice, experiencing everything first and while she wears her heart on her sleeve, she loves fiercely.  I'm never surprised to find her completely zoned out just rubbing the dog or cornering a sister to give them a hug they weren't wanting or expecting.  And somehow our sweet oldest girl is now six.

Saturday, after a super early wake up call, was Grace's day.  We got donuts for breakfast.  She picked out a special gift with daddy at the store.  She anxiously waited for her party to start.  We invited friends and family over for unicorn horn decorating (ice cream cones), presents, cake, and goody bags.  After her party we went to dinner with family and everyone woke up Sunday completely wiped.  But happy.

While we deal with a lot of emotions in this house, this stage in life is one of my favorites.  Grace's personality is caring and inquisitive, but also a rule follower.  She listens, is helpful, and loves doing big sister things right there at mommy's side.  This year she started kindergarten and has come so far since the first days of preschool.  School has been a great fit for our girl and I love hearing from her teacher when she talks about our girl and her successes.  She is creative and loves Legos.  She loves routine and hates feeling like she is left out of things.  When she walks out the door or spends time away from me, I never worry about how she handles herself with other people.

I am proud to be her mama.

To my oldest baby girl - Never ever stop being you.  Your personality is something to be proud of.  Don't let people walk all over you in life, as there is not a single thing you can't accomplish.  Not a single thing.  I'm so excited to see what the next year holds for you as you get further into school and grow more into the little lady you are becoming.  Selfishly, I hope the next year goes slowly though.  The time is going far too quick.  It seems like just the other day we were welcoming you into the world and discovering the world as you did.  Mama is ALWAYS here for you and ALWAYS behind you as your biggest cheerleader.  I love you, always and forever.

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