Thursday, May 31, 2012

So what...

...if I haven't felt like blogging lately?
...if the latest 16 and Pregnant episode had me CRAZY emotional last night?
...if I am a stubborn butthead? ...which I will attribute to the hair color.
...if I blame everything on my hair color?
...if I sleep in every Wednesday until all I have time to do is shower and get to work?
...if I've basically given the bird who built a nest in the stairwell a name and a life story?
...if I washed my car.. then took it to the lake and drove it down back roads?
...if I sometimes want to cry when I think of how much I love America?
...if I just pronounced that A-mur-ica? [[definition]]
...if that Urban Dictionary definition of Amurica had me cracking up?
...if I have mixed feelings about the next step for us?
...if I am secretly celebrating that the dog is STILL tired from last weekend?
...if I hate hot weather?
...if there is dog food ALL OVER the floor?
...if I am way behind on my blog readings?  Sorry y'all!
...if I am kind of upset that the majority of my favorite shows are on vaca?
...if I have had 49 followers for what seems like FOREVER?
...if I get annoyed with teenagers obnoxious posts online?

[[[I do promise that there are more meaningful posts on the horizon.]]]

[[[[Dad.. here is a blog post! :) ]]]]


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This weekend taught me...

[[another post brought to you at a very late//very early hour.]]

This weekend was amazing.  Literally the only thing missing was Rob.  But it taught me a thing or two...

...My terribly playful, sometimes obnoxious two year old boxer, who can't seem to refrain from jumping on humans... is the nicest, sweetest, most patient dog when it comes to puppies.  On Friday one of my girlfriends brought over her little bitty puppy and we could not believe how well Piston played with him without hurting him for hours.. even when Winston was attached to his jowl or ears.
They are best friends.

...I am so proud of all of my friends that graduated this year.  While I am a bit jealous that I don't get to join in the festivities, being able to celebrate my friends accomplishments is just as awesome as far as I am concerned.  BUT it does make me realize how far we've come.. and I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss high school sometimes.  Seeing pictures from "back in the day" dang near made me cry... is that normal?
We've been friends since high school.  I'd definitely not be who I am without these three.

...If you give me a smidge of alcohol, I dance.  A lot.  And people stare.. bahahah.

...My heart swells with the most pride during country music songs that celebrate America.  This weekend was full of concerts.. good ones too.  Gloriana, Rodney Atkins, Josh Thompson, Sunny Sweeney and like 2 seconds of Gary Allen.  You just can't go wrong with a country song about America, can you?

...The best way to finish off the weekend is to make your tummy hurt from laughing so hard.  I guarantee it.
Just one of the highlights that had me rolling... Megan dancing with a Waffle House employee at like 11 o'clock on a Sunday night.

...Never underestimate the power of 30 minutes.  You can get TONS accomplished.. especially if it happens to be a school deadline you are trying to meet.  Not hinting at anything here.

...A clean car completely changes your driving abilities.

...Getting mail absolutely never gets old.  Especially when it is surprise mail from fabulous bloggers.  Thanks Jenn and Brittany!!! You lifted my Monday up from being just another Monday to a "special" Monday.

...A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes.  Even if husbands disagree.
My summer dress sandal... and y'all will never guess where these beauties are from... Walmart.

...Family and friends are without a doubt some of the most important parts of life.  I am gobbling up every spare bit of time I have to spend with my family and friends right now before my little family is reunited again and our next adventure begins.  And let me tell you.. I am having a blast doing it...
 My parents at the Rodney Atkins concert.
 My wonderful friend Megan, my sister and I at Rodney Atkins.
One of my best friends Allison getting some unwanted cuddle time in with Piston.

I have a new network for y'all to try out too... It's called the Better Blogger Network.  Just another way for us fabulous bloggers to connect on the world wide web.  If you join come find me... HERE and become my friend another way!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

There's no place like home... in KS no less.

Well I am late.. as always.  But what can I say?  That's just who I am.

Anywhooooo-- TODAY or this evening or this morning rather I am here to share with you a bit of our home.  The lovelies at Hello. Also, I love you. and Our Reflection are hosting this awesome link up:

So it is only fitting to start with the outside.. since I complain about it OH so very much.  Meet the infamous, hated, dreaded stairwell.  This picture literally does no justice to the awesome climb up to our third floor adobe.
please note the size of the doorways....
Piston decided that in order for you all to truly see it he would have to model the stairwell for you...
Once you have climbed to the top and hung a right you've reached our dwelling unit.  One thing I will applaud this apartment for is the view that can be seen from our awesome patio.  The patio that houses two chairs I have yet to use and an old dog bed of P's that is used frequently as he is in love with sitting outside.  OH and that pesky over-sized satellite dish that doesn't work when I need it the most.. ie during midwestern storms.
Immediately in through the green dented door is possibly one of my favorite areas of the apartment.  Only because it stays clean while everything else just doesn't.. ever.  Our rustic mirror, EST date and catch alls greet you.. so dump your junk and come on in.

no it's not crooked.. and it is really frustrating that this picture makes it look that way too!!!
Directly inside the door is the living room.  AKA where I spend 89% of my awake time.  Or at least it seems.  In fact in this picture you can see that I lay with my head on the pillow under my favorite quilt.  I did y'all the favor of not even prepping this space. :)  Across from it is Rob's love child.. aka his precious TV.. which serves as a best friend for much of this deployment.  Or more specifically the DVR does.
On the other side of the couch is the office nook.  Which pretty much always looks like this.. with an out of date calendar [which I will note got changed this evening to a more appropriate date range!!], my beloved printer/scanner/miracle-worker, bills, cards, school work, pictures and my desktop.  Which is actually in an ordered mess.  And I'm not just saying that either!!!
At the very back of the living room is the kitchen.. separated by only a bar.. this is by far the messiest place, always.  Thus the only picture you get is of my favorite part of it.. the fridge.  It houses our alcohol collection on top, food, more alcohol on the inside, magnets Rob collects and pictures sent to me from near and far [Jenn.... play the I spy game!!].  Behind that door on the right is Piston's room [AKA what SHOULD be the laundry room.. but since we have no washer/dryer Piston gets to take over] and since he forgot to clean, you also get no picture of it either!
Now down our short little hallway we go... SO short in fact this is all it fits.  Which I love this piece as the bookshelf is from my Grandpa's house.. so not only is it sentimental, but it holds more pictures [seeing a trend here??], special momentos and some of my favorite books.  This area also happens to stay clean.  So three cheers for TWO clean spots. :)
On the left we head into the one, the only, bedroom.  As of right now our dressers are pushed together to create one long display space.  More pictures. :) Music, our vows, a bible, Rob's cowboy hat, my fedora for this summer and some special quotes.  This is by far my favorite wall of stuff.  And unfortunately the only picture of the bedroom as I forgot to make the bed!!
I suppose this counts as a bedroom picture... this would be the closet door.  And home to part of my purse collection.  Ain't it pretty?  I couldn't think of a better way to display things in our room then to hang my precious collection.  That's right y'all.. I've been holding out.. I am a purse FREAK.
Behind the door is the gem of this apartment.  THE WALK IN CLOSET.  Which holds ALL of my clothes, shoes, jewelry, decorations and some of Rob's clothes too even!! I think I'd have a hard time functioning without a walk in closet.  And I am not even kidding.

So there ya have it y'all.  I didn't picture the linen closet, pantry, "garage" [AKA outdoor closet] or bathroom.  But I think you should survive.  Oh and fun fact in 6 of the 12 pictures there is a cross.  Ain't that something special?  [the 6th one.. if you actually went back to count.. is the cross necklaces I know are hanging with my jewelry in the last picture]

Now you can feel right at home when you stop by and read my blog.  :)


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I complain a lot.

Today I am feeling fantastically un-fantastic.  I have this weird quivering stomach ache cramping deal going on and I'm tired and I'm cold and I miss my husband and I feel lonely and I had to work today and I'm considering eating the healthiest meal ever, pizza for dinner tonight, tomorrow and the next two days.  Are you judging yet??

This weekend though... I dressed cute every. single. day.  What?? Yep. You read that right.  Wait.. you say you need proof?  I shall deliver.
The weekend was actually rather chill.. sleeping in everyday [and if you've been around here for long, you know that that is a win win with me no matter what.. oh and I do it frequently.  Parents be jealous.], eating some amazing food [Texas Roadhouse, Cheesecake Factory, Jose Peppers...] with some great company and celebrating this one important lady:
Shoutout!!  Thanks for being awesome at life, and raising me.  I feel I turned out alright, so you must have done a good job.  I know I haven't always been the sweet thoughtful daughter I am now.. so I apologize for my past self.  We survived though.. and now I'm cool, right?  You are seriously someone I admire and look up to every single day.  I hope I make you proud.. p.s. thanks for those great genes I always talk about on this here blog!!

Welcome to the new followers from the blog hop!  I hope I don't scare you away.. I'm pretty blunt though and I tell it how it is.  Oh and have I mentioned I'm a redhead?  I own the attached personality that goes with being a redhead... fiery.

Anywhodude, I'm off to the couch-pizza-cuddling with the fur child-and watching trash TV.  Still judging??


Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy MilSpo Appreciation Day!!!

As usual.. I am thankful to be apart of this group.  I know in my last post I ranted about online bullying essentially, but it still does not change how I feel about the women I have met through this blogging experience, through my facebook experience, through this military experience.  I am thankful to be part of such a strong community of women and sometimes men that stand strong on the home front no matter what the military throws their way.

I'll be the first to admit that usually I am not one to toot my own military spouse horn.  In fact most of my friends and family can vouch for the fact that through this whole deployment I have been pretty strong if I say so myself.  Surprising even myself.  I'm ridiculously proud of my country, specifically my husband.  But if it weren't for the blue star flag on my car window and apartment window, you may never know that every night I come home to my wonderful dog and my computer.. where I see my husband in pixels often battling the internet to get a good conversation in.. that is if you don't know me personally.

On this day though I applaud each and every one of us that is going through this military life with our head held high and our heart full of love and support.


If you are new to my blog from the blog hop, welcome!

I'm Amanda.. A fiesty 22 year old redhead residing in Kansas while we finish up a deployment.  Our 2 year old dog and I are holding down the fort in a one bedroom third floor apartment.  Which you may or may not sometimes hear about... (ever tried carrying laundry up to a third floor apt??)  I'm keeping busy with school and work.. and family and friend time.  I'm a Kansas native, so I am lucky to have my family right down the road and my friends dispersed within a one hour radius of me.

My husband and I have been married for 2 years.  We met our senior year of high school but didn't start this "us" journey until after basic training.  We dated long distance for a year and a half, and we got married in the courthouse just a few days after he officially proposed.  After finishing my Associates degree I packed my life into my Toyota Corolla and moved to Maryland.  We spent a year at Ft Meade, where I took some classes, joined some clubs and raised the dog.  Then the hubs was sent overseas to Kuwait and I relocated back to Kansas.  Before too long this deployment will be up though and we will be reunited, ready to start the next chapter.

I can't really say my blog has one specific topic.  I write whatever I like.. sometimes I rant, sometimes I celebrate, sometimes I write just about the day.  I wish I were more crafty, or could cook, or even had children to write about.  But I don't.. so I write about what I know.  Me, myself and I. :)

You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

And I can't wait to get to know some new friends! :)


P.S. Isn't my husband the sweetest?


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I draw the line.

So this evening I had an "I draw the line" moment.  For the first time in my online existence I contemplated giving up my beloved Twitter, Facebook and even my blog.  One could say I am fed up with the way women/military spouses/twitter-ers/facebook-ers/bloggers treat each other.

A couple of months ago a women posted a blog that created a HUGE uproar.  And for good reason.  She was way out of line with her post.  But that isn't at all what truly upset me.  I was online the night that all blew up and I was reading the things WOMEN, other military spouses, were saying about this other woman and I was shocked.  So someone uses her blog to go off on a tangent that is completely inappropriate for the internet and it is okay for other women to in turn call her names?  Names I am sure they would not say to her face if given the chance.  Names I am sure their husband/parents/children would be shocked to hear used to describe anyone, let alone another woman.  Names that make the name-caller look vulgar and disrespectful.

Or how about the fact that women on my favorite Facebook military spouse support page are literally being harassed in e-mails from another spouse from another page.  When did it become acceptable to send messages to people, once again hiding behind our computers, and threaten them?  Wait, aren't we all adults?  Or did I miss something where we reverted back to childish natures to essentially create unnecessary drama?  Not to mention no matter what support page(s) you frequent, every single one has the same idea behind them.. SUPPORT. EACH. OTHER.  So what gives?  Why bash others?

The final straw was tonight as I sat on Twitter and realized that yet again there was a Twitter "battle" going on with someone giving someone/a group/company an attitude over something far more appropriate for a message or if nothing else better left unsaid.  Would that person be that rude in person?  I highly doubt it.. so why the lip on Twitter?  Does it make people feel better?

I'm at a loss.  When I married my husband I knew that it was not just me I was representing anymore.  I now represent him, our name and even the military.  For the first time I had to be conscious of what I was saying or how I was acting as it was not just me that would be looked down upon if I messed up, and believe me when I say that I'm a fiery redhead.. that is beyond hard for me sometimes.  I know it is terribly cliche, but I'm a military spouse and with that comes a certain amount of dignity.. that does not include hiding behind a computer belittling other women.  When did this become so acceptable?

Am I just overreacting or is this a valid concern here?

P.S. I love the military spouse community I am apart of on Twitter, Facebook and through this blog.  There are so many women that make me feel proud to be a military spouse... so please don't ever doubt that I believe in the excellent women that make up this community.  What I don't believe in is not treating others the way you would want to be treated.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Five!

I'm on a roll all of a sudden. :) Sue's guest post most have gotten me off to a great start.  Today I am going to link up over at Flip Flops and Combat Boots for:

This week's words are:

I can't wait for this weekend.. it is going to be magnificent spending some time with one of my best friends that is coming all the way from California with her beautiful daughter that I get to FINALLY meet!  Hence why I am so stinking anxious for today to be OVER.

I am thankful for the great friends, family and husband I have in my life.

When I get home from work and see P standing in his kennel anxiously waiting on me, it makes me so happy that I get to come home to someone excited to see me no matter how long I've been gone.
His new favorite thing.. wiggling his tail with a treat in his mouth waiting..
Finally I am starting to feel content regarding how involved I tend to get in my friends lives... but the past couple of days.. I was really frustrated/bothered by it all and I'm not sure why.

I've come to realize just how special this blogging community is.  I am thankful to have my very small part in it though.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Goals.

Happy May Day y'all.. does anyone even know what this day is supposed to celebrate?  One of our patients asked that question and I couldn't even tell her what you are supposed to celebrate/remember on this day.

In honor of this being my first post in May (can you believe THAT?!) I am giving myself some goals for this month.. (maybe we could make it a link up?)

1. Call maintenance and have them fix the dishwasher.. finally.
2. Clean ALL the laundry and ALL the dishes.. and do not let them get to 3 hampers and a whole countertop again.. don't judge.
3. Mail out all my exchange packages ON TIME.
4. Refrain from taking on all of my family and friends issues.. I love being supportive and there for anyone and everyone.  Some of you know this by now.  But at the same time I can't let EVERYTHING weigh on my mind to the point of it stressing me out too.
5. Complete homework more than 2 hours before it is due.. preferably before the weekend.
6. Cuddle my dog.
7. Remind my husband how much I love him.
8. Enjoy all the crazy fantastic things coming up this month..

What are some of your goals for the month of May?

Some weekend wrap up photos:
[[Top down:
Visited my sister at her college.
Did her hair for a fraternity end of year dance.
Celebrated one of my best friends singlehood.
Went out for beers with another best friend.]]

And finally.  I read a post one of the members of one of my favorite Facebook group posted on her blog.  Find it here.  If you are a military spouse, I high suggest this Letter From a Military Wife.  It hits the nail on the head to a tee.