Thursday, January 31, 2013

Honey, I'm home [MASTER BEDROOM edition]

It's here, it's here, it's here!  The last room in our new house!

The master bedroom!

So before I put any pictures up... I wanted to forewarn all of you all that I am not entirely done with this room.  But if I wait until I get it all done, then we will be PCS'ing and yeah no.

Let's start down the hallway...
Gallery wall!

Probably my favorite part of the house right now.  I just took a bunch of brown colored frames that were mainly used in  our old master bedroom and living room and clustered them all on the wall.

Down the hall to the left is our room!
Main part that is not yet complete..

Bathroom on the left. Bedroom door on the right.

I've surprisingly had a hard time decorating this room.  We started completely over when we moved here.  New bed, that is bigger.  With that comes new sheets and everything.  New color scheme.  To which I had to decide on decorations.  That are still a work in progress.  We have yet to purchase the matching dressers that go with the bed, so our current dressers are "making do".

With that being said I love what we so far have.  The bed set came from Kohls.  We got it for over half of what it was originally priced at.  I still need to order king sized pillows to fit the rest of the shams.  So the bed looks a bit empty.  We decided to not buy the matching nightstands cause they are SHORT.  Way too short.  Instead we are reusing some matching Ikea shelves.  I haven't decided yet if I want to try and paint them to match better or not.  Above the bed is still a major work in progress.  I think I need something else, so still trying to find that perfect piece.  I want to buy grey window treatments to go on the windows.  And there still needs to be some sort of decoration placed between the windows.  At some point we will have to find a different place to put the TV because the dresser I am getting is long and short, not tall.  The only area that is 100% is right by the door.  These two small gold picture frames with the prints came from my Grandpa's house.  So they hold a special meaning.

So that's that.  A work in progress really.. but getting there.

Please ignore all of the ghost spots... whack.

And we are done folks.  Never ever thought I'd say that!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lost in the Story Line.

So about that master bedroom post last week.. I fail.  As usual when it comes to posting on a normal schedule.  I can't really say that anything super fun and exciting happened that prevented me from logging on, uploading pictures, editing, putting together a post and publishing.  I just didn't.

That is unless you consider Weeds super fun and exciting.  Remember how on Monday I posted about how I had started re-watching?  That continued this week.  I'm on season 5.  And it's freaking stuck in my mind ALL of the time.  Is that normal?  I am not sure it is.

I'm one of those people though that gets lost in the story line.  With anything lovey it seems.  Obviously I don't watch Weeds because of the weed and the drug lord aspect of the whole show (I think that story line is whack and so far out there... although maybe...), I watch it because I want Nancy and Andy to come together.  Although I do like me some Nancy/Esteban romance and I was bummed that they cut Conrad out.

Anyway... back on topic... I'm the same way with books.  I can pick up a 400 to 500 page novel and read it cover to cover in two nights.  (If you like Nicholas Spark's type books.. please please please pick up a Kristen Hannah book.  You absolutely will not regret it!)  Why? Because I get lost in the story.  When I have to put it down it's back to my real normal life.

Not that I don't like my normal life.  In fact I love it.  I just feel an escape is sometimes necessary?  I'm not sure if that is the correct wording.  I like to get all wrapped up in a good love story, action plot or friendship.
It sounds so mushy.  So crazy-girl-that-doesn't-like-her-life-ish.

It's nerdy. But it is how I am.

I was raised on Little House on the Prairie.  Every night Dad would read a chapter or two to my sister Erin and I.  I guess you could say that was the jumping off point.  From then on Erin and I were constantly getting in trouble for reading under the covers with flashlights.  It was a game to not get caught. Throughout high school and a lot of college I put reading on the back burner.  I can't even tell you why.  So recently I've gotten back into it.  Averaging 2 to 3 books a month.  (I have to be careful cause I will stay up until 5 am reading.. instead of sleeping..)  And now I'm finding myself putting aside cleaning, laundry, blogging.. for books and TV shows with love stories.

For that I must apologize.

But lets be frank y'all... I'm a stay at home wife (hopefully finding a job soon ish!) who takes care of two dogs and her husband.  I have no children.  My dogs are crazy but not eating the furniture crazy.  We don't go out a whole heck of a lot because we don't know a bunch of people here.  If I constantly updated this here blog twice a week about my life.. You'd absolutely be bored silly.

So if I am missing.. I've probably discovered a new story line. :)
I had to LOL at these Pinterest finds.. especially since at least one came from my little sister.  I told you guys.. it is in the blood.


Monday, January 21, 2013

That's an MLKJr weekend wrap.

Monday. End of a four-day weekend.

A weekend that went oh so fast.

Why? Because we did stuff.  As in. We were two 22 year old's out past 8 on more than one day this weekend.  This is GREAT news!  Dare I say excellent?

On Friday we went to Hooters for some beers and wings.  (Yes folks, that is the kind of people we are!)  After we met Rob's fishing buddy, his wife and wife's friend at the pool hall across the parking lot.  We played pool until almost one in the morning.  Rob got skills in Kuwait (apparently, that is one of the few things to do to fill the time..) and so once he polished up on them, he was dominating.  Me?  Not so much.  But it was fun AND I got to meet the first co-worker's wife since we got here last summer.
Then on Saturday... there was a BBQ with more co-workers.  Recently Rob transferred buildings, and now he works in the same room with all of the people close to his age/rank/etc.  So they decided early in the week they wanted to do a BBQ.  A bunch of men planned it, so it was kind of a mess.  Read: we were chickens with our heads cut off the hour before it started.  But once we got there it was great!  We brought Rob's Christmas gift to use for the first time, a fire-pit, and had a fire going the whole time (it's chilly in Georgia again).  Plus some good eating and drinks.  It was definitely a perfect Georgia winter evening!
So what else did we do this weekend?

There was fishing, not once, but twice (Rob).
Weeds, season 1 through the beginning of 3 (Me, although I've already seen it.. decided on a whim to restart it early in the week.. and I'm stuck again!).
Football (Go Ravens!).
A mass grocery shopping trip.
Some DVR cleaning off.
Homework.  Dang you school.
Made plans for a trip back to Kansas next month (Can't freaking wait....!!!!!!).

And tonight I started Plank a Day.  You may have read about it over at The Young Retiree.  It is just as the title states... a plank, a day.  Which hello are wayyyyyy harder than I thought!  Maybe this week I will even start on my Couch to 5K resolution.  Baby steps you all.

Happy MLKJr Day!!!

What are you all up to this week?!

P.S. Master bedroom coming atcha later this week!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Honey, I'm home [SPARE BEDROOM edition]

Now that the lovely holidays are essentially wrapped up... We can hop back into the last two rooms on our house tour.  Better late than never right?  I mean we haven't lived here for almost 6 months or anything.

So if you ever feel like stopping through the area.. please let us know because we have a wonderful guest bedroom all prepared for visitors from near and far.  And it is just that.. a guest bedroom.  Nothing else.

That makes me excited.

Which just reiterates how old I am getting.

Entering into the room.. all of my books call this room home.
Do excuse Klutch and Piston.. they wanted to help with the tour.

Shot glass collection.
I've always had a hard time figuring out how to display them.
Eventually I'd love some custom shelves for the dining room.
Another closet gem.
Old Instagram picture here...

Our old bed set is the guest bedroom set.  So I basically just transferred the decorations I had.  I'm still not sold on the wall art.  Or lack thereof.  I feel like the room is sort of empty and blah, which is probably why I feel these pictures do no justice.  Anyway when you first enter there is the wall.. which houses my bookshelf and all of my books, plus a few Army momentos.  The bed, nightstands and a dresser are the only furniture in the room.  On top of the dresser is my shot glass collection on a set of shelves.  I collect, in case you didn't notice.  Haha.  Obviously the picture frames still need filled.  We are out of ink though.. and I've been a bum about getting new ink.  So who knows how long they will sit empty.  This is also the only room with curtains since they transferred over as well.  Finally, my purses, luggage and all other bags are in this room as well.  My absolute favorite part of it just being Rob and I in a 3 bedroom house, is that the closets are free to do whatever with.  That makes a purse girl very very happy.

And that's that.

Nothing special.  I feel if we could paint the rooms I'd be so much more excited about showing off what we've come up with.  However, the yellow/beigey color that is throughout the house, just makes the pictures look dull and the rooms in general just look kind of lackluster.

I'm thinking of AND READY for the future.. when we aren't renters, but owners!


Be on the lookout for the final room.. the master bedroom.. sometime in the future.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

My brain houses these random thoughts.

I've had these random thoughts floating around in my head for awhile now.  They aren't capable of just one post for each thought.. but together.. they will make a wonderful piece of literature for you to devour.

--My husband is the best hair brusher ever.  Favorite thing ever is other people doing my hair. 
--I Hate, yes with a capital H, home owner's associations.  I mean really?  Our neighbor can park his truck on the curb all of the time but we can't park our truck on the curb with the boat hooked up to it on the weekends?  Thanks for complaining whoever... you just confirmed how much we want our own land, out of town, away from rules, where we can do as we want.  When we want. SO HA.
--I heart this quote.. I can't for the life of me remember where I found it though.  So if you wrote it, then thanks for this inspiration: "I only knew that even hard times with him were better than an "easy" life with someone else".  Military spouse motto anyone?
--Faith Hill's new song also reminds me of being a military spouse... American Heart.
--I love America so much it sometimes hurts.
--I say that quite often.
--My bias towards my friends children is outstanding to even me sometimes.  Those ladies have created some of the cutest girls ever.  Plus it makes my heart melt that Rob loves shopping for them.
--The dogs are messier than I ever imagined dogs could be.  We are talking mud, sticks in the house, toys outside, toys inside, everywhere... just mess.
--Internet drama and whining makes me =[.
--I can't wait for March.  Like for real.
--I've become addicted to Pinterest again.  I mean hello.. there is so much random crap ideas out there!  It's just unreal some of the things I see on there.
--It is baloney that my husband put his reel on my fishing pole. IT'S MINE.  Even if I don't use it that often.
--I dislike JavaScript.. what fun for me.. Interactive Scripting is one of my classes this session.
--Early Summer warm days coolish night temps are my favorite.  Lucky us, Georgia has been playing nice!
--I'm still optimistic about 2013... even though so far it's been nothing special.
--I never grow tired of listening to country music. Ever.
--I've been eating smaller portions since the New Year started and I'm down 1.5 pounds.  Now imagine if I got up and started working out/moving more... I'd be golden.
--Klutch thinks that me vacuuming the living room is an invitation for him to chew sticks on the floor. He's wrong.
--And Piston.. he thinks that pillows are for him.  Not humans.
--I love, love, love my little family.  I don't know where I would be without them.


Happy Sunday.. cheers to a new week!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back to schooooool I go!

That was the quickest break. EVER.  Or at least it felt like it.  Monday I started session 1 of 4 left this year.  8 week sessions.  A week off for Spring Break.. a week off for Summer break and come September I will be a BA with a BA.  :D

So. Let's. Do. This.

This break was great though.  Halfway through December Rob started half days.  So he worked in the morning and then was home the rest of the time.  There was some fishing, some movies, dog wrestling time and in general just family time.  Which is priceless.

Besides our wonderful Christmas happenings there was also a 24 hour trip for me.  I accompanied my cousin to Myrtle Beach, SC to see her family that was in town from Virginia.  Although it was a quick one we had a great time at the aquarium.  Played a bunch of uno while drinking a bit.  Visited the ocean for some photos and then rolled back out.  Quick but perfect.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Plus it was great getting to spend time with some of my extended family so close to the holidays.
Unfortunately I forgot my camera.. so phone pictures were all I got.
Jessica and I at the aquarium!
Myrtle Beach, SC.

Our New Year's was simplistic.  By simplistic I mean we watched a movie.  Then went to bed to watch the news.  The fireworks exploded in our neighborhood 3 minutes before midnight.. and that was the New Year.    We may be the oldest 22 year olds around... which I may or may not be complaining about.
How we roll around these parts.

Now the Christmas is all put away.  The house is cleaned from the holiday hooplah, finally (Next year our house will not be getting to the degree of mess it did this year. Awful, just awful.  Thank you notes are in the mail... and it is time to get back down to business.  School, look for a job, take care of these fur monsters and live life.

Hope everyone else is starting the year off with a more eventful bang!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Being a people pleaser.

I'm a people pleaser.

I guess you could say I've always been one. Maybe I'm just more in touch with that side of me at this point in my life.

I want my husband, dogs, family, friends, acquaintances to all be happy. To the point it causes me great anxiety.

I've let some important people down in the past. Rob before we were married. My family when I got married without them present or knowing. Again when I didn't tell them right away I was a Mrs. My friends when I could not always be there for them when they needed me the most. Or when my actions had a negative effect on their life.

This weighs on me like a serious burden. I'm only one person. It's extremely unrealistic for me to expect to always make everyone happy and yet I still try. Day in and day out.

Because of this failure, unacceptance and a lack of general support hurt me to the core.. I feel it emotionally and physically. It completely hinders me. But yet I can't get over it.

I care way to much what everyone thinks of me and the attitude they have towards me.

I sit in this house in Georgia. I belittle myself and beat myself up for letting other people down. Who gets to see it? Rob. He gets the responsibility of telling me I don't need acceptance from anyone as long as I'm content with my decisions and actions.  The responsibility of telling me he loves me and is there for me.  Has faith in me. Feels confident in our decisions.  That's not fair to him.

I don't know why I feel the need to please so many. I don't know why the acceptance and the support is needed so much. I don't know why it gets me so blue.

All I know is.  I need to focus on making decisions for me.  My husband. Our little family.  Being confident in our decisions.  Our life journeys.  Even if they aren't in the best interest of other important people in my life.

Especially since no matter what there is always that one person trying to rain on the parade.. that one person not content.

It's my life, and I want to live it how I want to live it.
P.S. If this is taken as a personal stab by anyone.. get out of here.  That's not the point of this post.  If you feel guilt though, then maybe you need to look at your expectations of people?  Otherwise it is a general reflection of what I view as a personal flaw in my life.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two thousand thirteen.. my goals for you.

Last year I wrote about how I wasn't going to record any resolutions per say.  Instead I simply stated "at the end of the day.. as long as I am alive and well.. 2012 will be a success".  With that I can consider 2012 a success.

This year though... this year I want to accomplish a few things.  I want to record them here and look back in 2014 and see if I came through on anything.  So here goes... My "resolutions" for 2013:
  1. Move my booty.  As in... dance, Zumba, kick box, walk the dogs, walk-walk or something.  With that I want to finish the Couch to 5K program.  Last year I was just a few weeks short of completing it.. and then Rob came home on R and R and I lost the whole routine of getting out and doing it.  It's not that I really want to lose weight, although that is a huge plus, more I want to be able to say I stuck with that at the end of 2013.
  2. Land a job.  The past six months have consisted of a lot of watching TV, house cleaning, dog rounding up and waiting for Rob to get home.  I'm kind of sort of really over it.  I want to contribute.  I want to be productive.  I want to leave the house every so often.. haha.  Not asking a lot I do believe.
  3. Graduate.  Should be an easy peasy one as long as I keep up.  This last session was another session of all A's and a 4.0.  My goal is to graduate with honors.. and I am 4 sessions away from doing just that.
  4. Practice patience, laugh a little more and make it through alive and well.

What are your 2013 goals and resolutions?!