Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We are thanking our lucky stars that we get to spend another year in Tampa for Thanksgiving.  The holiday means so much more when you get to be with family... lucky for us we get to be with not only Rob's grandparents but his aunt and her family too!!

Tampa Thanksgiving 2012.

I'm going to soak up every last moment of the holiday this year because I am so incredibly thankful and grateful for all that I have been blessed with.  Let me just check off a few of the most important:

My husband.
Our dog.
The baby we can't wait to meet.

My parents.
My sister.
My in-laws.

My friends.

The God who created me.
The veterans who died for me.

I hope you get to spend the day with those that mean the most to you... because really that's all that matters.

All our love and well wishes.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our [virtual] Baby Shower.

As some of my followers may already know... Rob and I got married in the courthouse essentially on a whim.  There were no parties celebrating.. no bridal shower, engagement party, bachelorette/bachelor parties or reception.  We skipped the hoopla... and while I wouldn't have it any other way... it definitely made me excited for our future of having children and showering them with love.

So when we found out baby G was on the way... I kind of got bummed.  I mean I live in Georgia.. almost EVERYONE I would invite to a baby shower lives in Kansas.  Kind of a problem.  I went home in August when I was roughly 3 months pregnant but didn't know what we were expecting yet.  And I don't plan to go home again until May when my sister graduates college... and the baby will already be here.  So what's a girl to do?

My parents and my husband came up with the genius idea of a virtual baby shower.  Essentially we registered at Walmart and Buy Buy Baby for our sweet girl.  We then sent out a baby shower invite to all of our family and friends simply asking for a gift, card, special thoughts or prayers to be sent to our house in Georgia.

And our loved ones came through for us and baby G.  Gifts started rolling in... and piling up.  Silently mocking me for sitting there unopened.

Roughly a month after sending out the invitation... we got to open all of the sweet gifts.
Big brother helped the whole way through...
Being a brat.
The after.. plus a sneak peak of the nursery!
She's spoiled.. which I already knew because her grandparents on both sides of the family have already sent us tons of amazing stuff almost immediately after finding out our little bit is a girl.  Nevertheless we are so thankful for all those that thought of us.  It was a success... and I couldn't ask for anything more!

Now I'm off to find a special home for each little item, wash tons of baby clothes and work more on perfecting that nursery!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How It Goes

We've been busy.  Like legit busy.  A few weeks ago I was all "man there is nothing to do...""look at my empty dvr...""my back feels fantastic...".  And then last week hit like a giant wave rocking the largest of boats.

So what have we been doing?

-Exchanging our F150 for an F250.  Then hanging out under the hood like there's nowhere else we'd rather be.  [Actually, I just stand next to it and watch Rob hang out.]
-Cleaning tons of greased covered clothing as a result of above.
-Enjoying 30 degree nights at the demolition derby.
-Enjoying 80 plus degree days in the middle of November.
-Sending prayers and well wishes to the midwest after Sunday's weather.
-Skipping to and from wayy too many doctors appointments on post.  Gestational diabetes tests, nutrition consultations, learning how to take my sugars, actual see-our-baby appointments and then there's the waiting in the pharmacy "appointments".
-Coping with the "I-have-gestational-diabetes" fact.
-Learning to deal with and moving on from the above.
-Eating better and walking more.
-Attending the monthly board meeting and luncheon for the spouse's club.
-Working on the nursery.
-Running into problems in the nursery [more on that in a later post...]
-Making to do lists.
-Planning game nights for said spouse's club.
-Waiting for the Fedex truck, UPS truck and mailman like he's Santa himself.
-Opening our baby shower presents [more on that in a later post...]
-Cleaning like a mad woman.
-Sending out the holiday card exchange list... [did you get yours?!]

And oh yeah, growing a baby.  Hard work y'all.  So between my ten thousand doctors appointments and everything else going on... I crawl into bed at night with a sore back and a kicking baby.  Together we snooze right through the late morning hours [as long as there are no early morning commitments of course] and start the routine all over again.

But ya know what.. I'm okay with that.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

The third trimester. [28//30]

So my 28th week was lame.  I wrote up all my answers... but never took pictures as it was a pretty slow week.  I'm not one to dress up specifically for pictures, and believe me... you DON'T want to see my pajama/sweats pictures. :) So I took pictures at 29 weeks.. but didn't want to post... so you have answers from my 28th week and 30th week... along with pictures from my 29th week.  You're welcome. :)

What Fruit are you?
An eggplant. // A large cabbage.

Due date:  
January 28th.
How far along:  
28 weeks.. aka the start of my third trimester.
Just a few days away from 29 weeks. // 30 weeks.

Next appointment:
Had one Wednesday.. next one is in two weeks! // Wednesday.. we are officially into every two weeks I do believe.

Total weight gain/loss:  
Total of 10 pounds. // Was 11 pounds at my nutrition appointment last Thursday.

None as of late.

Maternity clothes:  
I've switched to jeggings in the past week and they are amazing.  Rob calls them "jantz" so it is kind of a running joke around here.  But seriously I picked up a pair from Walmart for $12 and I wear them with my belly band... greatest pants ever.  I now own four pairs.  And that's basically all I plan to wear in public from here on out. // Invested in another maternity shirt.. it's a tunic, and I love it.  Looking for a few more before Thanksgiving.. but not wanting to spend a lot, so that makes it kind of hard.  The joys, right?
Belly button:  
Still in.

Hit or miss.  Some nights great, other nights not so much.

Food cravings:  
Caesar salad from Texas Roadhouse.  I wish I could find a way to get it like everyday without having to go there to get it.  But hey it's whatever... if we are on the way to "clean-er" eating I'm all for it.  // Everything I can't have.  Pepsi, chocolate, french fries.  My eating has been way better since getting diagnosed with GD [oh wait, that comes later in this post...] but I'm still struggling with what I can't eat.

Testing high on my 1-hr glucose test.  I got a 152 when I needed to be below 135.  Fantastical.  So I went in for the AWFUL 3-hour test [that was more like 4]... and surprise surprise, my body can't handle all of the sugar being created.  Luckily there is LESS THAN THREE MONTHS that I have to diet.  So I'm just reminding myself that it is doable. Because.. it is.  // Low blood sugar.  Which is strange.. I tested high, but I haven't had normal readings in a while.  Not sure what that's all about...

She's fairly active... like all of the time.  // AND Rob felt her for sure like 100% for the first time within the last week.  That is a huge deal since my placenta has generally been in the way of feeling her until now.
Labor signs: 
None. :D

What I miss:  
Not having to stress about things like glucose tests.  And rum and white wine.  // Pepsi, chocolate and french fries.

What I'm loving:  
Knowing that we are in the final stretch.  She will be here in under three months!  Tons to do still, but it will all come naturally!  // Getting her room all cleaned out, holes filled, sanded, painted, carpet cleaned and SOON FURNITURE!

What I'm looking forward to:  
Finally getting signed up for some birth classes.  The lamaze class that is offered for free through the local hospital and Tricare is full for the month of December... so I guess we will be going to plan B... do another class and teach myself how to cool it during labor. Wish me luck!  // Opening all of my virtual baby shower presents this week.  We've had a few last minute presents come in.. but we had an overall good turnout, and it is killing me not knowing what the packages consist of.  Kill.Ing.Me.

Best moment this week: 
Getting the glucose tests done.  // Getting to share the joy of her kicking with Rob.  She's become so active and I love that he gets to be apart of it now too.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

LAST DAY for the Holiday Card Exchange sign-ups!

SOTC Holiday Card Exchange

It's November 15th eve... so if YOU are wanting to sign up for the Holiday Card Exchange and haven't done so yet.. you are running out of time.

Please e-mail me ASAP to get your name and address added to the list.

As of now we are running with a smaller crowd then last year.. which is totally cool, and shouldn't hurt your pocket. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

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Monday, November 11, 2013


Today.. November 11th.
A Federal holiday.
A day of thanks.

Hallmark hasn't hijacked this holiday.  It is not a day of feasting and presents.  It's a day of celebration.  A day to thank some of the most important (if not, the most important) people that walk, eat, and breathe in the same space as us everyday average Americans.

I'm lucky to fall asleep at night next to one of my personal heroes.  He doesn't walk around expecting thanks for it everyday.  He doesn't gloat about the importance of his job.  He just gets up and goes about doing the things I would never have the strength or willpower to do.  He is an American veteran.

He is one of many I thank on this day.  For doing what I know I couldn't do.  For doing what others couldn't imagine doing.  For doing what HAS to be done to protect this great country and all those that call America home.

Today and everyday I'm thanking these individuals for the sacrifice they have made or continue to make to protect not only their loved ones but an entire nation.. one that may not always be grateful.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Holiday Card Exchange year TWO!

Can you believe it is already November?  Maybe I'm just in denial of how fast this year has gone by... but goodness sakes... we have the holidays and then baby bonanza around here.  I NEED time to slow down a bit.

So last year I hosted a holiday card exchange.  I wanted to send a little bit of holiday cheer to my blog friends.  And this year, I want to do that AGAIN!  Cause who doesn't like a little bit of mail in their mailbox come holiday time?

To join...
-drop me an e-mail with your name and mailing address no later than November 15th.
-I will send out a full list of names and mailing address' no later than November 20th.
-your job is to send one card to each of the names on the list [last year there were 14 bloggers... so if you cannot commit to sending a card to each, please refrain from signing up].
-then just sit back and watch the mail roll in!

Sound like something you are interested in?  E-mail me NOW at and I'll add you to the distribution list.

And if you'd like... feel free to share your excitement with the use of this button:

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