Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another first; Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day friends!

To my baby daddy--

Happy first Father's Day!  
You'll never know how much my love grew for you as I watched your love grow for our daughter.  You'll never know how my heart feels listening to you interact with our sweet girl.  You may never know that watching you be her daddy is one of my favorite things to do.    You'll never know how thankful I am for you--giving me this precious gift that made us Mommy and Daddy.  But I hope you know that I love you-as Rob, my husband--and especially as Grace's (and Piston!) dad.  Today is your day, and I hope it is one you remember as the first, the best.
To say she loves her dad is an understatement.
To my daddy--

Thank you for being the best father I ever could have asked for.  I'm lucky to have such an amazing dad.. and I hope you too realize just how much you mean to me.  Today and always.  Not only am I lucky... but Grace is too.. she's lucky to have such an amazing Grandpa.  Happy Father's Day Dad! We love and miss you!

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  1. I hope they have an amazing Father's Day! :)

  2. I hope that both had an amazing Father's Day!!!!!


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