Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Maybe, it is just me.

When Grace and I visited Savannah a couple of weekends ago with Abby and Logan, Abby made an off hand comment about me being OCD.  I was busy shuffling bags around and organizing everything immediately after lugging it all up to the bedroom.  We were staying for one stinking night, y'all.  I'm weird, I know it... but that's not the only reason I label myself with the word weird.

First off, I'm a natural born redhead AND a lefty.  Only 2% of the human population is a redhead (thanks Wikipedia, also thanks for this tidbit "Cultural reactions have varied from ridicule to admiration; many common stereotypes exist regarding redheads and they are often portrayed as fiery-tempered." I laughed, because it is true.) and only 10% of the human population is left hand dominant... so double weird.

I crave clean.  I can't go to sleep if the house isn't picked up.  I'm always cleaning, always moving to organize something.  AND EVERYTHING has a place in my house.  Which apparently my husband doesn't get?  I enjoy vacuuming (I was literally grumpy this last weekend because the vacuum was out of commission until Amazon got us a new filter..)... that alone has to make me weird.  Who enjoys vacuuming?

I miss driving a stick shift, writing on a paper calendar and reading books with real pages, not a finger swipe.  I like sending mail to people.  I take documenting Grace's life in a scrapbook very serious.  I hate when tasks stay on my to-do list for too long.. and by the way.. that is a written on paper to-do list.  NOTHING beats marking off a completed task.  Weird? Maybe, maybe not.

I've got my quirks, that is for sure.. but that is what makes life interesting, right?!  Finding out your daughter may be left handed dominant too?  That is the cherry on top.

Tell me I'm not alone in my weird quirks... what are yours?!
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

On any given day.

You know how life just sometimes falls into the "norm" category?  I am a fan.  I know that our life here in Georgia is not Real-Housewives-of-Atlanta-style, but to me?  It's perfect... normal is great.

On any given day... in our house hold, you might see...

A toddler with a bucket or bag tucked into her elbow toddling around the living room.  Flinging herself across the dog, because she loves him so much.  Belly laughing at how uncomfortable it makes him.  Then moving on to her next target leaving a mess in her wake.

You'll find a husband wrapped up in a blue quilt hogging the couch, if he isn't grilling that is.  Most likely with a bowl of popcorn in one hand and his phone or tablet in the other.. all the while he is guarding the remote that the same toddler from above is probably trying to sneak away.

The TV probably has ESPN on.  The vacuum may be running.  Maybe the washing machine is going.  The ceiling fan has just started whirring again, moving the air just enough to keep the a/c off.

By now the dog has moved to "his" spot on the couch.  He is over-privileged in every sense of the word.  He may be snoring, and running in his sleep... or he is sleeping with one eye open because he knows that toddler is probably plotting her next visit.

Then you'll find a momma always moving, at least until dinner is over.  Loading the dishwasher.. picking up toys.. starting a load of laundry.. cooking dinner.  Border line OCD.  Possibly doing all of this with a kiddo on her hip... or squirming to get free to "help" unload the kitchen cabinets.

At the end of the day, we share some snuggles all in one king size bed... where we all drift away before starting another day that will probably look very much the same.

It isn't super fabulous, but it is comfortable.  It is us.

And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

5 years.

5 years ago today, I married my best friend.

Hold on, I need that to sink in for a moment.

Sure enough it has been 5 years since March 17th, 2010... but in my mind it doesn't feel like that long.

We have lived in 3 different places in 3 different states.
We experienced one deployment to Kuwait.
We got a dog.
We have sold 2 cars and a truck.
We started upgrading out furniture to the real deal.
We have celebrated promotions.
We created a beautiful baby - our greatest accomplishment.
We have laughed, we have cried.
We have experienced so much... together.

I can't imagine spending 5 years married to anyone else.  He truly is my other half.

Rob - I love you handsome.. thanks for being my best friend, husband and the best baby daddy ever!  We are lucky to have you and I think I'll keep you around for another 5... at least.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What's Up Wednesday v2.0

Happy Wednesday friends!

Linking up again today with Ashley, Katie and Shannon for a late What's Up Wednesday.

What I loved about the past week//
Definitely visiting Savannah with Abby!  But I also enjoyed coming home to my husband, a clean house and steaks!  Time apart does our relationship well.. hopefully I'm not the only one that thinks that way?!

What I'm looking forward to//
Our Hibachi plans for Friday.  Getting orders... whenever that will be.  And moving...

What my latest obsession is//
The Real Housewives of Melbourne.  I find myself trying to tell apart their accents.  They all sound Australian to me... but I am sure they got a North, South thing going on there too.

What I've been daydreaming about//
Tan legs.  I am so freaking pale.  But I hate sitting outside in the sun.  It is so much harder to do anything outside with the baby because it requires a lot of extra precautions.  Andddd I am a redhead, so me and the sun just aren't friends basically.

What I'm watching//
Too much.. today alone I've watched Party Down South, Real Housewives of Melbourne, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Real Housewives of Atlanta and Vanderpump Rules.  I keep Bravo in business.

What I'm listening to//
Rob sleep-breathing.  It isn't quite a snore.. but it isn't just regular breathing either.

What I'm craving//
Chocolate.  Lots of it.

What I'm doing this weekend//
Hibachi on Friday.  Hitting up the Saturday Market.  A Scentsy open house party.  And possibly going to support Heather's diva at her cheer competition.  LOTS going on.. plus the weather better be fantastic.  SO hopefully we can get out more and do some fun stuff together as a family.

What else is new//
Grace has developed some new quirks that keep me super entertained during the day.  She gives kisses.  She says hi.  She waves bye.  She tucks her grocery basket into the crook of her arm and walks around the living room.  She walks, everywhere.  She unloads the water bottle cabinet in the kitchen a hundred times a day.  She is basically super fun.  But she's also teething really bad so nap time has been a joke and her night time schedule has been super hit or miss.  Basically we are all over the board in this house right now.

45 minutes to Thursday... go me. ;)

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Gymnastics, babies and Savannah.


Grace and I snuck away for a whirlwind adventure in Savannah this weekend with Abby and baby Logan.

We left Saturday morning... and after a late start that included stopping by the house again (I happened to find Rob's keys in the backseat of my car when we stopped for breakfast...), we rolled into Savannah in the middle of the day.  We headed straight for the civic center to see Abby's sister who was in town coaching at a gymnastics tournament.

After the round was over we headed down to River Street for lunch.  River Street is a cobblestone drive that follows the shores of the Savannah River.  This street is packed with stores, restaurants, bars and just about everything else.  We got a recommendation for Tubby's Seafood, which turned out to be pretty good... albeit a bit crowded.

Momma's little leftie!

Once our bellies were full we stopped in at a massive candy store called Savannah's Candy Kitchen for some chocolate covered popcorn... this place was FULL of all kinds of candy and chocolate covered everything.

Walking down River Street is a crazy experience.  On one hand you have people drinking in the middle of the day.  Walking around with beer in their cups.  On the other hand you have families and strollers trying to navigate the streets (this town is NOT stroller friendly in the least little bit..).  BUT the atmosphere is most certainly unique.

We walked back to the civic center for another round of gymanstics and naps for two very tired babies.  After the final awards ceremony of the day we headed to our hotel to check in.  It was late and we were tired so we just picked up a bite to eat.

At which point everything went south just a little bit... no honey mustard, no fresh towels (our room was used by some of the gymnastics team members the night before.. and for some reason didn't get refreshed..).. and a crazy wild, pretty excited baby.

Luckily I was able to get her to sleep and though she woke up many times during the night, she easily nursed back down to sleep.  Logan slept the entire night --- and so the part Abby and I worried about the most ended up not being that big of a deal!  Praise the Lord!

The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast and checked out.  Officially putting Grace and Logan's first hotel experiences in the books.  We survived..

We headed out to go see some of what Savannah has to offer.  Our first stop was Old Fort Jackson.  This fort stands along the Savannah River just east of town and is the oldest standing brick fort in the state of Georgia.  Active during the War of 1812 and the American Civil War, it is now a peaceful historical landmark along the shore.  Again, we had GREAT weather and so it was nice to get out and explore.

We loaded up the cars and headed to our next stop, the Bonaventure Cemetery.  I have never seen a cemetery so beautiful (which I know sounds so wrong to say!).  I don't know if it was the spanish moss hanging from the trees, or the statues but the historical element of this cemetery is amazing.  You find people buried in the 1800s next to family members buried in the last 10 years.. and while I don't always find cemetery's an ideal location to spend a day, this one is definitely worth the trip.

By the time we wrapped up walking around, it was getting late and Abby's sister and her friend had a flight to catch back to Massachusetts, so we set off to get some food.. where we said our farewells, stopped for toddler snacks and hit the road back to Augusta.

It was only 36 hours, a little over two hours each direction and a tank and a half of gas, but it was a great weekend in Savannah with my best friend here in Georgia and her munchkin.  I'd do it again.. once my body has healed from all the walking, stroller pushing and the lovely sunburn from Sunday afternoon.  Hashtag -- Redhead problems?

Have you visited Savannah?

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Tall and Skinny.

We finally made it back to the doctor to do a weight gain check for Grace on Wednesday.  Back in January Grace registered a 4 ounce weight gain in a 3 month time period.  So they gave us a month and we had to come back to check and see where things stood.

She passed.

As in.. I think the doctor realizes my tall and skinny husband helped make a tall and skinny baby.  Grace went from 17 pounds 6 ounces to 18 pounds 4 ounces in a month.  Which was a jump from the third percentile to the fifth.


I hate the crazy amount of pressure that came with her weight being checked.  I cried after the appointment in January.  Hello, I am responsible for our sweet girls nutrition as she still breastfeeds.. and I prepare all of her other meals.  After a long reassuring chat with my husband though I cut myself some slack.

Being a mom is hard y'all.

We go back at the end of April for her 15-month well baby check.  Hopefully we will see more progress and this whole walking game will not deter the gaining weight game.

Wish us luck!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Playing House.

Rocking that bedhead Sunday.

This last weekend was pretty ordinary for our little family.  We celebrated Rob's birthday with dinner at Red Loster on Friday.  Abby, Nick and baby Logan joined us and we laughed throughout the whole evening.  Like many of our outings go.  Saturday was spent running errands.  And Sunday was NASCAR and movies.  A perfectly ordinary weekend doing adult things.

We are both 25 now.. and yet, sometimes I catch myself thinking I'm just playing house.

I'm a stay-at-home mom to Grace.  I'm a wife to Rob.  I'm a fur-mom to Piston.  I cook, clean, do laundry.  I volunteer on base and I'm active in the spouse club.  I go to lunches and book club.  I even blog.

Did I ever think that would be Amanda in a nutshell?  Maybe not necessarily.

I have responsibilities.  A budget (as of this last week).  Bills to be paid.  Maintenance to be kept up on.  A dog and kid that rely on me to keep them fed and hydrated.  Real ADULT responsibilities.

The type of responsibilities I didn't include when I was playing house all those years ago with my sister in the basement of my childhood home.  No. Playing house back then did not include bills or responsibilities.  It was mostly just fun.

It was just like yesterday.  A sunny 75 degree day.  Only one errand to run.  A peaceful napping baby.  A chilled Starbucks drink.  A walk with my husband, dog and baby.  Dinner shared at the table.  Scandal after the sun went down.  Some laughs and giggles in bed before finally a quiet sleeping house.

That is what those childhood days of playing house looked like.

And they make even the responsibilities worth it.

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