Monday, November 28, 2016

Brooklyn | Seven months

Hey what do you know... Brooke turns 8 months old TODAY... but this post is just now going live.  Oops.  It's been a chaotic last month... to say the very least...

I know I say this every single month... but I don't know how it is even remotely possible that this girl is already seven months old.  I mean... come on.  Still searching for that magical potion that slows everything down and makes things move just a bit slower so that I can take it all in and remember every single aspect of this time in our life.

Brooke's quirks this month...

.You still have not been to the doctor for your six month shots (SOMEBODY dropped the ball on getting everything squared away with Tricare and Deers.  I will not name any names... but mama can't do anything when it comes to you and your sister without daddy... soooooo. I digress.) so I don't know how much you weigh or how tall you are.  I suppose I could do it myself... but meh.

.You are wearing 6 to 9 month and 9 month clothing and you are firmly in size 3 diapers.  We had to wear an old size 4 the other day when mommy ran out of diapers for you (second child problems...) and you were swimming in it.  Luckily SAMs club is close to home.

.You sit up by yourself.  Although you are still a bit unsteady sometimes.

.You ride in the shopping cart and sit in a highchair when out and about.

.You eat an entire container of sitting up babyfood.  So the big container at lunch and dinner.  You mainly eat fruit but so far have not straight up turned anything down.

.You do not like food of substance.  You got a bite of french fry while in Springfield and acted like you were choking to death.  Same goes for almost everything else you've tried that isn't pureed.

.You love the exersaucer.  And stand up in it... so your leg strength is getting pretty good.

.You pull your knees up when you are laying on your belly but haven't quite gotten the forward motion down yet.  THANK GOODNESS.  Mama is NOT ready for that yet.

.You now sleep in your crib like the big girl you are.  You had no problems transitioning.  Which cannot be said for your sister...

.You still take two naps a day but have started fighting them a bit harder.  You nap best in the truck going somewhere.  But still get in a 45 minute morning one and hour to two hour afternoon one at home.

.You are almost always ready for bed no later than 8.  Sometimes as early as 6:30.

.You still nurse in the morning, before naps and before bed.  And still require a quiet room with little activity.

.You are still sporting amazing rolls but your hair is laying flatter this month.  It is THICK and dark.  As is your complexion still.  You have different undertones than your sister does.

.You are Daddy's number 1 fan and think everything your sister does is hilarious.

.You are on the go the second you are put down and a busy body pretty much all of the time.

.You picked up growling and blowing bubbles and are always babbling away.

.You are still my easy going girl.

This last month was a big one with lots of changes.  My Brookie is no longer a sweet little infant.. she is definitely growing up.  And I am very very sad.

To read about Grace at seven months, click here.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Things about right now.

So, we made it.  I'm really not even sure how.  I had all of these intentions to fill the silence with a post or two, and wouldn't you know... I never got to it.  That's because my husband left and everything went south rrrrrrrrrealll quick.

The last two weeks have been chaotic at best.

Both kids got sick right along with me.  Which made for clingy, snotty, congested messes.  Which also included HORRIBLE, horrible sleep.  Literally I'd get one kid settled and the next would wake up.  I was cranky.  I was tired.  I barely survived.  Had my children not been sick, this would have been easy peazy.

The Saturday before we left town I went ahead and took the girls into Urgent Care (because Tricare now allows TWO visits a year y'all!).  My 2 and a half year streak of parenting without ear infections was broken by my youngest.  A few days of antibiotics and she got mostly back to her self.

While dealing with the aforementioned nonsense... I was also running around town doing all the last minute things required prior to a move.  Dropping off at Goodwill, requesting medical records, going here, there and everywhere... and also trying to squeeze in a few last minute things off of my Clarksville to do list.  Nothing like waiting until the last week to try and make it to those last few places after living somewhere for a year.

I am sorely disappointed I didn't listen to the advice given to me when we moved there.  I waited far too long to go get donuts from the Amish bakery in Kentucky.  They were to die for.  Love at first taste.  I shall never find another love like that.  That's what I get for waiting y'all.

Last Monday the movers showed up to pack all of our crap up.  It took them all of 4 hours.  Then on Tuesday they came and loaded it up, for another 4 hours.  Flashback to when I moved out of that one bedroom apartment in Kansas after Rob's deployment to Kuwait.  It took the movers an entire day to pack and load that place.  It took these guys a combined 8 hours to pack and load a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom HOUSE.  I knew those creeps were milking the dang clock.  Thank heavens I had friends who stuck with me that day because lawd, I was scared.

ANYWAY.  Wednesday was Brooke's VERY delayed 6 month check up and shots.  She's healthy and beautiful, hates shots... more on that when I get to her 7 month post.. someday.  Luckily we found out the fluid causing her ear infection was gone.  Three cheers!  Just in time...

We had a walk through around lunch with our rental company. I was supposed to have the house empty and cleaned... but this one woman show couldn't make it happen.  He advised me on a few areas to address before we left.  In the meantime Diesel chewed through his harness, adding another dang errand to my list.  I'm telling y'all, he hates me.

So after another stop at Petsmart to get another $30 harness, lunch and TONS OF SWEAT.  I somehow jigsaw puzzled the truck bed so I wouldn't lose anything and loaded the kids and dog up.  Only to find out I had locked my dang truck key in the house that I no longer had a key to.  After another hour of waiting... the rental company was able to bail me out and I finally pulled out of Clarksville at 5 in the evening.  Only 5 hours late.

We rolled into town at 2 am Thursday morning, sans a fan cleaning brush that apparently blew out of my truck somewhere between Clarksville and St. Louis.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday we spent at my parents house running around KC doing KC things.  Seeing friends.  Going to a big Target.  Eating bbq and Jose Peppers.  The norm.

Finally on Sunday we got the keys to our new place!  So after one last night on the air mattress, our stuff got here yesterday.  Praise the Lord.

Our current situation is an unpacked kitchen, a brand new couch set in the living room and a sea of boxes just about everywhere else.  Slow and steady you all.  It's hard as heck to put a house together with a dog that loves to chew on cardboard (and his harness!!! Number two bit the dust at my parents when it was accidentally left on him while we were gone...), a teething baby and a VERY curious toddler.  So say a prayer or send beer.  Come hell or high water this house will be unpacked by Thanksgiving.  Bet on it!

If you've made it this far... congratulations, you also survived the last two weeks of my life.

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Let's talk Arbonne beauty products.

I am by no means a beauty expert.  My skin care regime is fairly simple.. I wash my face before bed and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remove makeup, if I even put it on.  That's it.  As for makeup... unless it's a super fancy occasion I am typically wearing mascara, concealer and lipgloss/chapstick.  It's so complex sometimes (okay, okay, a lot of the time) I don't even put makeup on.  I'm not one of those girls that notices a new wrinkle the minute it develops (I'm 26... so I'd like to think I am still fairly wrinkle free around these parts.) and I still break out once a month like clockwork.  My mama never taught me to apply makeup, as she also wears next to none.  And it just really never developed into a passion.

But that doesn't mean I will not occasionally pick up a new product and see how it feels or what it does for this 'ole girl.  So when Heather was asking around on Facebook for some people to try out some of her Arbonne products, I was like "hey girlllll".

She sent me several samples to try and I will do my very best to sum up my thoughts on everything so YOU can run over to Heather's page and get you some.  If Heather is any testament to how effective Arbonne products are, then you should be sold right there.

1 | RE9 Advanced Set, Extra Moisture | This stuff smells AMAZING.  My skin felt impossibly smooth after using it for a few days.  Arbonne products are based on botanical principles and I'm not kidding when I say... YOU CAN FEEL IT.  After using this I definitely feel like I should pick up some stuff for my eyes and maybe add a step or two to my cleansing routine.

2 | Perfecting Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen | (I've linked up the fair, because... I am fair.. but they have a wide range of shades, obviously!)  I LOVE that the sunscreen is built into this!  If there is one thing I truly believe I would benefit from adding to my beauty routine, it would be a foundation of some kind.  This one is light and my skin didn't break out after a day of wearing it.  Win all around.

3 | Pure Vibrance Hair Revitalizing Masque | I will admit this is a new product to me.  I've never done any sort of special treatment for my hair.  Since I don't dye it, I've never felt the need to re-hydrate it.  But dang it y'all, I've been MISSING out.  This stuff is amazing.  My hair felt glorious after using this stuff.

4 | ABC Arbonne Baby Care | I've actually tried this product before when I first had Grace.  And LOVE it.  Baby skin is downright delicious before adding anything to it.  But this stuff takes it over the top.  My favorite is the sunscreen.  Again, everything smells good and I don't worry about what it is made of because it all has a natural base to it.

5 | FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme | This is THE product I am mostly likely to buy.  It's the time of year where my hands are starting to dry out with the season change.  So I'm always on the hunt for an amazing hand lotion.  This one is light but still gets the job done.  You can't go wrong with that.

So if you want to try out any of these products or see what else Arbonne has to over... run on over to Heather's Arbonne page and see what you can find.  I am sure you will NOT be disappointed.

Have you ever tried Arbonne?  If so, what is your favorite product?!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016.

A few days late on this because my husband has already headed off to our new home and I am sick... so we aren't getting very much accomplished around these parts.  Which is super fabulous when you are literally just waiting on the movers.

I say it every year that having kids during the holidays is the best thing ever.  But I so mean it.  Watching the excitement through their eyes is the best. thing. ever.

With Grace being two and a half this year she really understands what we are doing when we do it.  Which made the entire Halloween weekend so much more exciting.

My calendar was packed full of Halloween events out here in the town... but we only went to one.  Thank goodness because I've heard the ones we passed on were insanely chaotic and overwhelming with almost 3,000 people in attendance at one.  The event we did go to was perfectly calm.  The Easter event we went to at this same place was pretty crazy so I didn't know what to expect.  But it was perfect!  Trick or treating at the different booths set up for the craft fair.  A costume contest that Grace won first place in for her age group!  Horses from the local saddle club to pet and take pictures with.  It ended up being a warm day so we didn't stay long, but it was just the right amount of time.

We managed to get a chance to go on post (probably for our last military event...) and watch the Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders perform a variety show.  Grace loved it!  And Brooke managed to sit quietly in my lap the whole time.  After we waited in line for the meet and greet part.  Of course my child lost her signed poster somewhere in the PX, but I have picture proof!!

On Monday after an early dinner out we headed home to change Gray real quick and head out.  Brooke was asleep after the excitement that was dinner so she stayed with Rob at the house in her car seat sleeping while he handed out candy.  I took Grace around the block and she LOVED it.  We worked on our manners and she was great about saying "thank you" every time but only said "treat" and it had to be pried out of her.

After handing out two big bags of 100 candy pieces we wrapped up and headed inside around 7:30.  But it was so worth it.  Even though we didn't paint pumpkins like I wanted or decorate outside.  Heck I bought the candy for the evening at about 2 Monday afternoon.  Couldn't plan much as I wasn't entirely sure we would even be in Clarksville for Halloween.  But for our last holiday here, we nailed it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween full of tons of good memories and lots of laughter.

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