2 days down, 2 to go.

Well folks, we are halfway through out first separation since June.  I wouldn't say it's been easy.  The hardest part is watching Piston watch the door and cry.  He may have four legs and be furry, but people he is my little baby.  This is the first time either one of his parents have left him for any amount of time and not come home at night.  I'm sure when I left to go play poker tonight he freaked out thinking I wasn't coming back as well.  My poor baby.  As soon as we get him a backyard we will get him another baby to play with... another dog. For the record.  (:

So I can tell you that there is one thing I have learned to love in Maryland.  Poker.  (of course it really isn't specific to MD)  Every Monday a crowd of people gather at the golf course on base and play a tournament.  Top 10 places get points and for 10 weeks you compete to get to the finals.  Rob made his points early this round, and I made mine tonight!  The last week.  It was so nerve-racking/fun.  Since Rob is at his board, Brittany (one of my MD friends whose husband works with Rob) went with me this week.  And although she got out early, I know we both had a lot of fun. Definitely a successful night out!

Okay so on a more serious note... I'm torn between getting a part time job or spending more time and getting a quality government job.  It'd be nice to have the extra income in this house so I would like to do something. I'm extremely picky on what I want to do at this point though.  There is a chance we will not be here for too much longer, and so I don't want to spend a whole bunch of time trying to get into a government position if I am not going to be in it for very long.  And believe me, since government positions are so wanted, it's definitely a competition to land a government job.  On the flip side though, I don't want to work at a grocery store or fast food restaurant, so it might be a bit harder to land a job elsewhere cause of how picky I am.  I've looked on craigslist and really all I need to do is send an updated resume out and see if I can get a response, I'm just really torn between attempting to get a government job that will make me more wanted if we do move and give me job security, and finding something a bit easier without reporting and essentially being owned by the government.  Decisions, decisions...

So it's kind of late, Pistoni and I are going to cuddle up on the couch like we did last night.  He's already circled and dug his way into comfort.  You know how dogs role.  So apparently I'm going to contort around his big bootay.  The joys of being a loving nurturing parent to a dog that "owns the place", right? (:

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