Back to the norm.

Well we survived.  (: Rob is back home and Piston made it through his freaking out session when Rob's car pulled up.  A mixture of nervous bites and tons and tons of licking.  We were fortunate enough to have Rob stay home with us all day today.  Which was nice but probably going to be a little shock for the puppy when Rob gets up and leaves for work tomorrow.  Oh well, early day? Hopefully!

Today was also another important day.  I sent out my first resumes to different employers in the MD area.  Rob and I discussed and decided it would be easier if I just got a part time job and didn't deal with the government.  So that's what I am doing.  I will keep you all updated on that process!  I'm excited I will be getting back in the working world finally after 3 months off.  A strange and long three months!

That's it.  Lame, I know... I will try and update after this weekend maybe.  Rob's grandparents are visiting at the aunt and uncle's down the street so I feel like we will be pretty busy this weekend!  So when there is something exciting to post about (which I'm sorry if you feel like they have become a bore... I'll try harder) I will post! (: Love and hugs to KANSASSSSS (and other states that my readers call home) <333

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