Today resembles last Sunday.

Just like last Sunday, I love today... but it's Saturday. (: I'm hanging out on the couch with my two favorites.  Piston is currently laying to my left smashed against my leg snoring his little heart out.  And Rob is down a little further playing some Madden 2011.  He gets into it, let me tell you.  Pretty entertaining.

We have spent the last two days hanging out as Rob leaves tomorrow for a Board he got word he was going to on Thursday.  Little man and I will have the house to ourselves until Tuesday sometime.  It's going to be strange not having anyone coming home after a day of work and I am more than positive that Piston is going to freak out when his Daddy doesn't come home around 5 or 6 o'clock tomorrow evening.  Learning lesson for all of us though!  I wish I could say that I plan on cleaning the house up and having it in tip top condition when Rob gets home, but I'm going to be honest and say that I will probably not do much of anything while he is gone.  Hopefully finish the book I am reading? Maybe finally finish up some laundry?  But other than that no guarantees.  Call me lazy.. I'm okay with it. (:

So question... what do yall think of when I say "Maryland weather"?  I'm sure a lot of you much like me (Rob just intercepted the ball from his opponent and scored, so you guys know.) think that "Maryland weather" is a whole lot cooler than Kansas.  Wrong-oh.  I know that you guys had a pretty brutal summer with the heat and all (for that I am glad I am no longer a dry cleaner employee, let me tell you.) but we did too.  It has been crippling.  Most of the summer has been spent battling my exhaustion, but I know one thing... Fall is almost here.  And if there is one thing "Maryland weather" has on "Kansas weather" it's that it actually has FOUR seasons.  Weird right?  Summer is humid and dry.  Fall is windy and cool. Winter is cold and snowy (anyone hear about last winter and the Nor'Easterns? I'm scared.) Spring is rainy with temperatures starting to heat back up.  But the past couple of days have been a little less humid and a little cooler, so I busted out the jeans, prematurely of course.  Then today it's HOTT and HUMID.  FML.  I totally jumped the gun and screwed myself, all excitement with no reward.  Lame.

--That post did not actually get put up yesterday, so I am going to add to it and then post it.--

Please let me take a moment to rant about my RUDE neighbors and all the things driving me nuts this Sunday morning.  For starters Rob left at like 6:30 so we didn't get to spend our usual Sunday AM sleeping in together with the dog.  Our fire alarm's batteries are on the way out, but the only time I think about it is when it is beeping at us in the middle of the night and or morning.  It goes off just enough to be annoying and wake you up and then beep again before you can go back to sleep.  At approximately 9 this morning (too early for me to be awake especially on the weekend.) a base came out of nowhere, as in music and or a TV.  Now originally I thought it was the young couple that lives on our right, but after I got up and moved towards the stairwell it got louder, which means it's the old farts next door.  The ones that never say hi when they see you outside and make sure they let you know your dog shouldn't pee in their yard.  Wait, what?  Last time I checked we don't take care of our own yards so what the hell do you care?  Coming from Kansas I am so totally not used to having rude neighbors.  I absolutely hate it.  There is ONE neighbor out of our like ten close ones that says hi whenever I am outside.  Just one, really?  I miss Kansas.  And finally, this morning Piston went downstairs prior to me leaving the bed and left some sort of weird mixture on the floor.  Great way to start the day, carpet cleaning... Can I go back to last Sunday please?

P.S. Sorry for the rant on neighbors again... it's just one of the most frustrating things I have come across since moving.  Something I can't seem to comprehend at all. :(

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