My five month old baby.

Well today is the baby (aka dog's) five month birthday!  Apparently he woke up knowing this this morning because he has been a hugeeeeee pain in the ass thus far.  Jumping on me and barking at me this morning while I was still in bed.  Then barking at me once I got up for no apparent reason.  Rob and I have decided he has an incredible personality.  For those that have met him thus far, they know this.  For those that haven't, I really hope you get a chance... he will make you smile with his craziness.  (Once you get past him jumping on you and being super ecstatic that there is someone visiting him in his house of course)

So this weekend was super good.  Pretty dang relaxing if I do say so myself.  We got to spend some time with Rob's family.  His grandmother is an excellent cook.  I have a new favorite food.  Essentially a Puerto Rican hot pocket.  It's called a tostallio, which I am positive I am spelling wrong.  (Nobody said I was a huge smarty-pants when it comes to Puerto Rican food... okay?!) They were to die for.  It's probably strange for some people to read this as usually I am a stick strictly to American food type of girl.  But since I've moved here we've done a lot of seafood (which I'll admit.. some of it is great.  Others, not so much.) and I've been trying to get out of my bubble a little bit more.  Someone told me that every 7 years your taste-buds change, or something like that.  Maybe my 7 years are on the verge of being up?

However all good things must come to an end as I woke up this morning with a headache that spanned from temple to temple across my head.  The cause?  Giving up Pepsi.  When I moved here I latched on to that cause I wasn't a huge fan of the water.  Well now I have accepted the water (although JOCO water will always hold my heart <33.. if you don't think it's the best, you're a fool.) so I am trying to pull back on my need for that.  Plus when I give up soda I drop weight... which that is more than welcome right now!  Anyway, feeling the effects a bit today which is unfortunate.  But better in the end, hopefully!

Alright well Mr. Attitude is letting me know he needs attention... as usual.  Plus I gotta shower--busy night for us here.  Rob's first unit flag football game followed by poker finals. (: I hope everyone is doing good and school is going well for all... I need to update on that situation here soon too.  Next post? Maybe.

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