4 day!

Well it was a good day in our house.  It's actually been a fairly good week.  Minus the on-and-off rain for the past like three days.  It's all good though.  We needed it and it was fairly relaxing.  Okay okay... I admit.  It made me want to sleep in extra bad.  But who doesn't feel that way when it rains?

I spent part of Wednesday night hanging out with some girlies from around here.  Rob went to flag-football.  It was supposed to rain, otherwise I would have been there too.  Needless to say I am getting to know some people around here and while they are not my Kansas friends, they are awesome people and I'm glad I'm getting to know them.  Yesterday was my wonderful Daddy's birthday.  In other years you would find me going out to dinner with the fam and finding something to surprise my Dad with that day.  This year I had to settle for a phone call.  :/  Going to be the hardest part of living so far away from family and friends.  Not being there for birthdays. But that doesn't mean they aren't on my mind all day.  It was also the Moore's anniversary out here.  And Piston's six month birthday!  My little baby is getting so big, and I miss him being little.

Today has been amazing.  The first of four days Piston and I get with Rob!  This morning he got officially promoted by a General to SGT.  He's only been in for two years, so this is an amazing accomplishment.  Needless to say he is in a good mood for being done with this promotion stuff.  And I am in a good mood, because he is.  Obviously.  The weather was gorgeous when that was all over with so we decided to take Piston to the dog park in Annapolis.  He LOVED it.  And it just reinforced why I want to get him a backyard so bad.  He said hello to all the people there and the other dogs.  There was another 5 month old puppy that he wrestled and played with.  We didn't spend too much time there though because it doesn't take much for Piston to get tired.  Another big accomplishment though... he rode in the backseat ON HIS OWN.  Instead of my lap.  I'm so proud of him. =) Rob had his heart set on going fishing, but that never happened.  So I took a nap on the couch while he played poker, and when I woke up we went out to dinner.  To celebrate.  A nice relaxing day with my boys.

This weekend should be fun as well... I'm going shopping with Rachel tomorrow and then Rob and I are headed to Six Flags.  Somewhere I've never been to.  It's Fright Fest so I am pretty dang excited... even though I am totally not into being scared.  Sunday is obviously football and then Monday is just another day spent together.  I'm having a great time now.  Loving the weather and enjoying the opportunities God has given me. Each and every one of them.

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