And as quickly as it came...

Its over.

Tomorrow Rob gets up at 5:18 am to head back to work.  And Lindsay and Brian's flight leaves BWI tomorrow to head back to KC.  It's not fair, cause it seems like they just got here...

We have definitely enjoyed our time together.  We visited DC, Baltimore, Annapolis [state capital, for those that are wondering.].  We showed them water, and all our favorite spots.  We even got rear ended leaving DC on day one!  [no worries, minimal damage that her insurance should pick up.  My poor car and it's booboo's should be repaired by simply replacing the back bumper.  For those of you that saw it when it got rear ended in KC, it looks almost exactly the same.  This time however, Rob and Brian said they were feeling it a bit from the impact.  Not much heard since then about it though.]  So I guess now they know that they should be SUPER thankful for the KC drivers... and their sanity.  We introduced them to Piston, who loves them.. a little bit too much.  An appointment is in my poor babies near future to get certain parts removed so that maybe just maybe he will calm down and act a tad bit more normal. Wishful thinking?  All in all I feel it has been a successful weekend, for both the end of Rob's leave and for Lindsay and Brian to get a break.  [be looking for pictures in the near future on FB.]

Coming up for us you ask?  Rob works M/T/W, then has another four day weekend off.  Like I said before we will be spending Thursday with Rob's family and possibly some co-workers too.  Today I feel like it just dawned on me though that I will not be spending Thanksgiving in Western Kansas with my family.  As much as it drove me nuts to spend all of break out of town, I'm going to miss the comfort of MY family.  The amazing meals, afternoon naps and cheap entertainment.  That is WHO I am... I can't wait until the day that I get to spend it with all of them again.  Anyway, after that it's back to work for Rob.  I leave Dec 19th for KC.  And there could be more excitement for us in the New Year [besides me getting a job of course.]  But I can't share that with you guys quite yet.  Hopefully soon. =)

If I don't manage to get back on anytime soon... Happy turkey day.  Spend it wisely and enjoy your time with friends and family.

Don't take it for granted.

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