It's here...

Almost that is.

And what is 'here' exactly? Lindsay and Brian getting here of course!  They will be here in 3 days.  :)  We are excited... minus the fact that Rob tore apart the spare bedroom today of course.  While installing a desktop computer and the attached xbox, all my careful organization and decorating... ruined.  So I get to start over!  No complaining here. Anyway, that is what we are preparing for now.  I realized today that it has been awhile since I last posted.  So I figured I better.  Anyone surprised I didn't post on Veterans Day?  Me too.  I meant to I really did.  I hope you guys thanked someone.

Well now that Rob has all this time off we are slowly getting things done between rounds of xbox and other random things that have come up this week.  I'm content.  I'm enjoying him not having to get up and leave for work.  Piston is as well.  Although today when Rob ran an errand this afternoon I'm pretty sure P thought he was going to work.  Much to his surprise he showed back up mere minutes later.  A happy puppy... I know that much.

Oh and if anyone is wondering... I'm typing this from my new netbook.  It took me long enough to get to the point of typing a blog entry though.  It's a major adjustment from my old brick.  As I am now calling it.  :)

So we are enjoying all the changes of the recent days and beyond ready for Thursday and the weekend to come.  Can anyone believe that next week is Thanksgiving?  Nuts!  Hope everyone has some good dinner plans with family or friends.  Looks like we will be spending ours with Rob's aunt and uncle in their new house!  Looking forward to the feast, that's for sure!

Alright more later... I got a date with the dvr, to try and get caught up!  He he..

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