While watching the AMA [American Music Awards] 2010 I realized something that really rather annoys me.

Taylor Swift's performance was the EXACT same as the performance she did on the CMA awards less than a week ago.  Really?  I mean you can't come up with anything different?

Now I will introduce any of my readers who have not already heard my Taylor Swift rant to my Taylor Swift rant...

Reasons why Taylor Swift is overrated-

  • She can't sing live. At all.
  • Her hair is actually rather unfortunate.  No girl wants hair like that.  I promise.
  • All her songs are the same.  She writes about guys that she never really actually dated, but maybe had an encounter with?
  • You can listen to like 5 songs and they all sound the same musically.  Take your pick. Any 5.
  • She won all the awards you can win within her first year of being up for them.  Now what do you have to look forward to?
  • And the biggest annoyance... SHE IS NOT A COUNTRY SINGER.  If you are a true country artist, you stay on country radio, not switch to pop, and countless other stations.  [Kind of like Lady A.]  So can you just like decide already?
Rob calls it jealousy.  Derek thinks I'm crazy.  But I can't stand her, at all!

P.S. Last post... the thing I can't tell you all has to do with Rob and the Army.  Not anything else! ;)

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