Beginning to look a lot like...

FALL! =)

The amazing pumpkin pie candle purchased this weekend has been burning and the heater was finally turned on Saturday.  I've begun thinking about Christmas presents for everyone important and my trip home.  Options are starting to be thought of for how to keep the dog from ruining the Christmas tree this holiday season.  Thanksgiving meals are planned for this month and craft shows are scheduled for all of next weekend.  I do love this time of year, although I dread all the money that usually gets spent during this particular season, I'm enjoying having my own place to consider making new traditions for.  And while I miss my family and friends back in Kansas, I am beyond thrilled that this year I will get to spend the majority of the season with Rob and Piston!

Other than the new found fall feeling... things around here have been going pretty much like normal.  This past weekend we went to the mall (one of many around us within driving distance.  You'd be surprised how many options I have here.)  Apparently the holiday season has hit others HARD as well.  It was crazy how many people were parked outside all around the mall.  But luckily, it wasn't so unbearably crowded on the inside.  So I'm not sure where all those people were.  One of the many life questions that often confuses the hell out of me.  Ha ha.

Oh, more great news!  Rob finally got leave approved.  Third times the charm is all I have to say now! =) This Thursday he is off for Veterans Day and he doesn't have to go back until Monday Nov 22nd.  He works Mon, Tues, Wed that week and then has another four day.  So just about half the month of November off.  I'm very excited, although we will not be doing much of anything extra special during that time... it's still going to be GREAT.

Alright yall, I got some laundry to do and I probably better vacuum (Piston's new treats... pig ears... leave crumbs all over the place, and like Rob, Piston hasn't necessarily learned to clean his crumbs up yet.) and sweep the house yet before Rob gets home.

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