Is this what grown ups do on Saturdays?

I am a loser.  It's official.  My 18 year old sister has done nothing but remind me of that all weekend.  It's been fairly uneventful around this casa since we got home from AC.  We've gone to dinner, had a few drinks with dinner, came home and drank some more, and then crashed out early.  Nearly every night.  You'd never guess that I just turned 21 as far as I am concerned.  It's kind of sad to me... but hey, it happens.  I think they call it growing up, maybe?

I had a strawberry daiquiri (not virgin!!!) and a glass of wine, and I feel that either a good book or a movie is calling to me..

Tonight is a "downtime" before tomorrow and the rest of the week begins.  I have two projects to finish, both due on Wednesday.  A midterm study guide to finish for a test on Wednesday.  The last class of the semester for my INTRO class on Wednesday.. and a billion other things to do between now and then.  See a trend?  Tomorrow kicks off a study, study, study, get things done, time period.  SO tonight... I shall relax.

In reality, I've been meaning to get on here lately and rant about a few things.  And since I have you all captivated right now by those first 3 paragraphs, I shall go right ahead and do just that.  With all the things that have happened lately surrounding the military, I am downright sick of people thinking that they can just use me, or Rob and I, or just Rob for things when they don't give two cents about what we do otherwise or maybe just maybe how we even feel personally.  Some of these people that I have met within the last ten months have made it quite clear that they don't truly care about me... and to that I say, "NO!" when you need help or assistance, or just want to talk.  I am usually a very nice person.  I am more than glad to sit down and talk to you and listen to your problems, in fact I really enjoy it.  But when I need to do just that and you could care less... you can get away with it for like 2 or 3 times, but after awhile, SURPRISE, guess what.. I don't care about YOUR feelings anymore either.  Yep, that's truly how I feel.  ***Sigh*** feels good to get that off my chest.  I've been meaning to really for quite a while now.  (P.S. if you are questioning if this paragraph does in fact talk about you.. why don't you just ask me?  Because I will tell you one way or another and you will learn whether or not I still think of your feelings anymore. :D)

Wow, that was a lot more brutal than I truly meant to come across.. let's just say it's something that has been brewing deep down inside of me for quite some time now.  And I'm fed up.  That is all there is to it.

There was another rant.  But for now, I can't remember.  Lucky you guys.

So yesterday I had a conversation with my neighbor.  Or rather it was us "gossiping" as she put it about our other neighbors.  I've decided I live near a bunch of crazies.  Oh wait, I already knew this.  But there are some things I just didn't know about and to me, it's all kind of shocking.  Or some of it is at least.  If any of yall saw my FB status on Thursday about being woken up at 7 in the morning... well let me elaborate.  At about 7 in the morning I heard banging coming from above my head... strange, highly unusual.  By about 7:30 it was full blown pounding, like a herd of elephants were working on my roof.  Little did I know my roof was being replaced!  Wow, surprise, I didn't even know it NEEDED REPLACED.  SO I get on the phone to the lovely rental company and leave them a nice (okay, not so nice) voicemail about how rude it was of them to not notify their customers of the fact that their roof would be replaced starting at 7 IN THE MORNING.  (Wow, it still gets me kind of heated...)  By about 9:30 they had called me back to tell me it was an emergency situation and needed to be taken care of before it rained more this weekend.  Since they had made the decision on such short notice, they had put letters out last night.  I said to the lady.. I would have gotten home from school between 2 and 3.  She responded with, oh it would have been way after that and that ours probably just blew away.  So I hang up the phone all the while thinking, wow, that's funny... it wasn't there when I left at 5:15 either.  Or ANY of my neighbors doors.  I was mad.  Rob was mad, and apparently my neighbors were too.  I asked the neighbor I had a conversation with yesterday if she got a letter and she said, "NO!"  What do you know... ALL of our letters blew away.  Insert some expletives about the rental company here.  I'm frustrated to say the least, and I feel come Monday morning I may make a little trip over to their office and ask to see a copy of said letter that was put out.  I hate liars.  I hate this place.  And I hate roofing companies that start at freaking 7 in the morning!!!!

Well that turned into a rant, and I really didn't mean for it too.  I apologize.  Like I said apparently I am still frustrated with the situation.  Take it as a lesson.  Don't lie to me when it comes to my sleeping being interrupted.  Okay?!

In other news... please keep my uncle in your prayers.  He took a scary fall off of his deck and broke his neck.  Luckily for all of us, it was not the paralyzing kind of neck break (who knew there was any other kind?).. but still serious.  He goes into surgery on Monday.  So send a little prayer our way please.

I think that's it... for now at least.  I entertained myself for a bit and that was the goal since Rob has been asleep since 8:30 and I've been trying to find mundane things to do before tomorrow comes.  I hope everyone is having a happy day!

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